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  • a 38 special for a Woman for self defense

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  • I don\'t have a 38 special but my Lady friend is looking to buy a 38 special because of the neighborhood she lives in and since she is by herself with 3 dogs & a bird she isn\'t taking any chances this revolver all you have to do is pull the trigger until it\'s empty I aussume wouldn\'t it be better to shoot it first before making that decision before buying a revolver

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  • Yes it is always better to shoot before you buy especially for new shooters please find a range that rents guns and have her shoot different ones to see what she likes

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  • James, this will work just fine for a 1st pistol. No snag hammer is definitely a plus. Make sure she shoots it a bit to become familiar with firing it. I would also recommend noise cancelling ear plugs that you can hear and prevent hearing from being negatively affected in case you have to fire indoors. Cheers!

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