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  • "qualified proffesionals?"; what?

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    in Ammunition
  • who are the "qualified professionals"? it's not ap, and it's not the last stash of 9, 40, or 45, for back up weapons and pdw's. why is buying this ammo restricted to some "elite" tier of citizenry? is this restriction beyond the control of the "bud's" retail operation, and if so, why? why would i continue to patronize a retailer that is complicit in excluding me from purchasing products i am not legally proscribed from purchasing?

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  • Any one can legally buy this ammunition. I don't think Buds is the controlling factor here. Manufacturers designate certain lots of ammunition and firearms solely for sale at a special discount to Service Members. These are so labeled before they hit Buds shelves. I agree with you on the premise of being a law abiding citizen, but there are wacky laws and seemingly unfounded practices that just are.

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  • LE ammo just has a higher standard of QC and inspection. The other stuff functions fine for recreation use, but LE ammo must be 100% reliable every shot. And this stuff has run the gauntlet and is certified LE. But anyone of legal age can buy it.

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  • Anyone can buy this ammunition. But if you are a QP, you may receive a better discounted price. But anyone can buy these.

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