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  • Load Assist Button (Take Two)

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  • Earlier I posted the following question. The reply I rec'd, while very much appreciated, is not consistent with this video. My question is do these mags for the Ruger Mark IV have a load assist button? I rec'd one reply which said "no" but this video review shows these have a load assist button.
    Other vids also show the button. Any clarification is appreciated. Thank you.

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  • they do have a small load assist button but it is painful to use there is nothing better than the McFadden Cliploader I use it on my MK II and MK III®-MK-Series_p_31.html

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  • Joseph, Buds picture is of the older Blued Magazines (Buds has many outdated stock photo's). According to the UPC code, these are the newer magazines according to Ruger and have the load assist button on the left side of the magazine. The video is correct on the newer silver and blued magazines having the load assist. A better picture is here :

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