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  • no the lower is set up and sold as a Rifle you would need to buy the lower as a handgun and the stock prevents this

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  • Cristian, You could do it, but would be a felon. The lower's serial number is registered as a rifle lower. You need a pistol lower to put a pistol upper on. Or fill out the paperwork as an SBR, pay the $200 tax stamp, wait for the paperwork to be approved and come back. Then you could put the pistol upper on this lower.

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  • Cristian, only with an NFA Registration and $200 Tax Stamp due to the standard Shoulder Stock. A barrel less than 16 inches with this Lower is classified as a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) by the ATF. You would be able to meet your goal with a Lower with a Brace instead of a Stock such as this :

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  • NO, the lower (which is the firearm) must be register as a pistol and not a rifle. Moreover, it has a buttstock and not a brace which will make the installation of the short barrel upper will turn this into an NFA item (SBR) that will require a tax stamp. You need to look for pistol specific lower and brace. I hope this helps.

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  • No, I believe lowers should be marked pistol and of course not have a buttstock.

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