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  • Trigger comparison

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  • I have a CZ P09 and am considering this compact P01. I am curious on the trigger and cant find a P01 in a shop to dry fire or to shoot as a range gun. How does the P01 trigger compare to the trigger of the other guns I am considering: ##SIG P229 basic model (not the Legion) ##BERSA TPR9 I am asking because i am not overly impressed with my CZp09 trigger and I prefer to keep all my triggers stock and dont want to send my guns off or modify the triggers. Thanks

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  • P01 is not that much better than P09 if you are looking at the standard model. The DA and SA is a tad bit lighter by not much huge margin. Sig P229 will have a better trigger out of the box. However, I recommend checking out Cajun kit for your P09. It can significantly improve your P09 trigger without having to buy a new gun. Check it ( ) I hope this helps

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  • I'm not really to impressed with sig triggers, you said you dont want an aftermarket trigger or an upgrade, you pypd always get the trigger polished to smooth it out. Either that or spend a bunch of money to buy a cz shadow.

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  • trigger pull will be about the same and will come down to the individual gun

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