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  • Mark, I have a RIA VR-80 and this will fit. The VR-80 comes with a Commercial Buffer Tube. This FAB Butt Stock utilizes interchangeable buffer tube adapters for a tight fit on Mil-Spec and Commercial buffer tubes. Cheers and stay safe!

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  • Yes, this will fit on the factory buffer tube that comes with the VR80.

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  • I'm gonna go ahead and disagree with Trin on this one the video he posted shows at 2:30 that using the standard buffer tube that comes on the VR80 you can just slide a new one right on, I don't see any reason why that exact same method wouldn't work with this fab deffense stock.

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  • NO, Not without modifications. The saving grace is, the VR80 shotgun does have a mostly standard carbine style buffer tube under the factory stock, and you can slip on a standard carbine stock if the factory stock is not to your liking. Here is a short video to show why aftermarket stocks may not fit your VR80 shot gun. ( ). I hope this helps

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