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  • Same or Different?

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  • Is this P22Q the same as or different than the PPQ 22LR featured in a number of YouTube videos, like sootch\'s excellent review from 2018 (of the PPQ 22LR)? From the photo, this looks to have a shorter grip & barrel length. Thanks in advance for any/all feedback!

    3 Answers

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  • NOPE, this P22Q and PPQ 22LR is a different gun. The PPQ 22LR is larger (same size as compact PPQ) than P22Q. Out of box the PPQ 22lr is a bit more reliable than P22Q. The P22Q have better triggers and mag releases. But, PPQs fit the full-size holsters and fit big hands better. Most women seem to strongly prefer the 3/4 P22 size based on my experience. If you like comfort of larger full size gun, then go with PPQ 22lr. If you prefer small gun (got smaller hand) then go with this P22Q. I hope this helps

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  • These are 2 very different pistols, Excellent side by spec comparison here ------------- To sum up the major differences, the size of these 2 pistols, the P22Q is a hammer fired compact pistol with A DA/SA trigger, it also comes standard with a safety, where the PPQ22 is a full size availble with a 5" or 4" barrel has a full grip, and is Striker fired, so there is no hammer. Walther makes fantastic pistols and either of these would serve you well its just about if you want a smaller gun or a full sized, as well as if you want a hammer fired or striker fired.

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  • Luis, yes there are slight differences. The P22Q has an Overall Length of 6.26 inches - Width: 1.1" Height: 4.5" - Weight: 17 oz. and the PPQ 22lr has an Overall Length of 7.1 - Width 1.3" - Weight 21 oz.

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