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  • Let's see...🤔....Adjustable stock, strike one....pistol grip, strike two....flash hider, strike three....and for good measure, threaded barrel and over 10 rd, strikes 4 & 5. Sorry, not in NY.

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  • NO, this gun is not NYS legal. CHECK laws HERE ( )

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  • No not legal in NY State to many banned features. The following are prohibited: ✘Semi-automatic rifles that can accept a detachable magazine and have one or more of the following features: 1.Folding / telescoping stock 2.Pistol grip 3.Thumbhole Stock 4.Fore-grip 5.Bayonet lug 6.Flash suppressor 7.Muzzle brake 8.Muzzle compensator 9.Threaded barrel 10.Grenade launcher 11.Over 10 round capacity

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  • Kevin, unfortunately it is not even close to being NY Legal Sir. This guide will help you out for NY Legal AR's :

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