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  • Randy, yes Sir. The barrel is stamped 5.56NATO so it will fire both 5.56 & .223 no issue. Cheers and stay safe!

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  • Randy, yes it will fire 5.56.

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  • Yes this will safely fire both cartridges. If it list both its usually doesn\'t matter the order. 556 is a higher pressure round and it is the high pressure that makes a 223 Remington barrel a no go for higher pressured 556 Nato rounds. ANY barrel listed as 556 can shoot 223 safely, however 223 will be slightly less accurate at longer range out of a 556 barrel, but it is still 100% safe to do so, the drop in accuracy will not be noticeable inside of 400-500 yards, if shooting at that range is something you plan to do ( this is past what most shooters will use a 556/223 for anyways) 223 Wylde is the best of both worlds it is designed to be able to safely shoot 556 pressured ammo and has optimized rifling for 223 Remington match grade/long range ammo. All my ARs are 556 and I\'ve never had any issues with accuracy and rarely ever shoot last 200-300 yards. If wanting a long range AR you might want to look into an AR10 IN 308 or 6.5 creedmore.

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