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  • Michael, according to Century Arms, Caniks are rated for NATO and +P rounds. They told me NOT to run +P+ rounds through it.

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  • Michael, I own several Canik's and have had zero issues with Buffalo Bore, Underwood and Doubletap ammunition. Just be sure and increase your maintenance and inspection intervals as heavier loads will wear the components quicker. Cheers and stay safe!

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  • So chris at the lucky gunner did 1,000 round torture yest with no cleaning, he used Slovakian Hotshot ammo. And add in a couple hundred rounds of Plus P defensive ammo and had no failures, ot issues with wear at all on his TP9. -------------- The Canick forum also has members claiming they've ran many rounds through their Caniks of +P and +P+ with no issues. ---------------- All that said I'm certain plus P will be fine but I personally avoid +P+ on all of my pistols, because there's no set standard of what pressures are going to be for +P+ so it can vary wildly across brand and even individual batches of the same brand, and there's really not many scenarios where standard pressure ammo or +P is not going to be good enough. Its a good practice to only run standard or +P so you know that the ammo is running in a predetermined standard range and you don't get any surprises. If you were in a life and death situation I'm and all you had access too was +P+, your Canik would almost certainly run it but netter to avoid it if you can.

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