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  • Yes you can, just need to send in your credentials. " LAW ENFORCEMENT EXEMPTIONS State of California ACTIVE LAW ENFORCEMENT officers and peace officers with proper credentials on file MAY purchase off-roster handguns. This exemption includes FEDERAL law enforcement officers residing or working in California. ●Law Enforcement (including federal) can purchase non-compliant ARs and so-called “assault pistols” as long as the firearm is being used for duty use only. Department letterhead required and must ship to a dealer with an “assault weapon” permit. ●Law Enforcement, Judges, and District Attorneys are able to have ammunition shipped directly to them with proper credentials on file. ●High capacity magazines can also be purchased, however they must be shipped to an FFL. Credentials need to be on file prior to shipment. ●Active LE are able to purchase stun guns, TASERs, defense spray, and batons. ●Certain entities (departments or city/county offices) and sworn officers (individuals) are eligible to purchase “off-roster” handguns. These entities/officers must have satisfactorily completed the firearms portion of a training course prescribed by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training pursuant to CA Section 832. That expanded list of entities/officers can be found ​here." Full details here

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  • John, yes you can. All you need to know here >>>>>

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  • John, yes Sir. Just send a copy of your LE credentials to Buds at or Fax : 1-800-804-5569 and Buds will mark your account as LE Eligible for purchase. Cheers, stay safe and thank you for your service!

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