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  • Nickolas, yes Sir. AR's are setup to use the same notch whether right or left hand oriented Sir so no issues with magazine selection/use. Orientation of the magazine orientation is irrelevant when using an ambidextrous magazine release. Cheers and stay safe!

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  • Always on the right, I mean.

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  • yes it will work just fine as will any standard AR 15 mag

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  • You can not switch the side of the magazine release button on an AR. It is always on the left. Best you can do is get an ambidextrous mag release so you can at least hit it with the thumb of your non firing hand.

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  • Yes it'll work,, I have one of these in my hand right now, it is only notched on the left side, I'm a righty so all of my ARs have always been set up for right handed shooters, but its my understanding that even lefty mag releases on ARs still have the mag lock in lug on the left side, the only thing that switches places is the position of the mag release button. I just went and checked ALL of my AR magazines are only notched on one side, magpul gen2 and 3, and my Lancer mags. I'm certain these will work with your lefty AR.

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