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  • Qualified professional difference

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    in Ammunition
  • What’s the difference between buying this exact ammo as a qualified professional or by just having a regular account? I looked at this ammo on the regular section and the qualified and it’s the same price.

    5 Answers

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  • Ian, the difference is that you cannot purchase this from Buds on a Regular Account. It shows up in both places but, once you try to check out, you will see the Qualified Professional Only requirement. Cheers and stay safe!

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  • Is this ammo for law enforcement only ?

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    by - Lifetime Points: 1912
  • Ian, on this item there is no difference,

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  • In this case none in some cases there can be price differences in some guns QP gets a extra magazine for the same price

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  • Some times I've noticed the price is cheaper but mostly it's buds just trying to reserve it for law enforcement, and giving them first chance at it. Hope this helps.

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