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  • It has great expansion and the flex lock or polymer tip helps make it expand. Plus some hollow points won't expand if they get clogged with heavy clothing like denim jackets so they can't expand and essentially become a fmj round, that won't happen with the flexlock. This retains most of it's weight and virtually no jacket separation. Very good defense round, hope this helps.

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  • Critical duty doesn't expand as consistently as many other defensive rounds (Speergolddot and Federal HST, And critical Deffense) Critical duty was designed for use by law enforcement agencies and ot was designed to be more barrier blind then the civilian marketed critical deffense.
    Police officers have more incidents of having to shoot through hard targets to make their hits, one of the concesequences of this improved barrier blindness is less consistent expansion.
    And some jacket separation is normal, in most all defensive ammo.
    Watch Mr guns N gears test of critical duty.
    Expansion is not very good.⬆️
    Chris at lucky gunner also has tests.
    Published results here includes critical duty in 45acp.

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  • it is very consistent and the jacket holds together well with no issues It is a superb defensive round

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  • Gary, expansion is consistent and I have not had any issues what so ever in different medium. Cheers and stay safe!

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