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  • Would this ammo be adequate for a new gun owner.

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    in Ammunition
  • Newbee here that just purchased a S&W shield 9mm with the laser. Looks like a nice gun so would these bullets work good for me at the range and general protection? Thanks for any input!

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  • This is excellent range ammo. But you'd want to use hollow points for your deffensive/carry ammo. The problem with the Blazer brass for self deffense is that it is ball ammo, and with ball ammo against an attacker it is more prone to pass right through your target and not expand, where a hollow point will expand, expansion makes a larger hole and will dump more energy, meaning you'll do more damage to your target and get a faster stop and have less chance of overpenatration. Overpenatration is bad because your legally and morally responsible for every bullet that leaves your pistol, so you want to insure the bullets stay in your attacker and don't hit bystanders. Out of the ammo buds has for deffense Id go critical deffense Or Barnes Vortex is a really good defensive round to. But the Blazer brass is a great option for range/practice

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  • Michael, yes Sir. Blazer Brass is excellent target/training ammunition. Remember that self defense ammunition is usually loaded a bit hotter than standard target ammunition so at the end of your training session, run a few rounds of your self defense ammo through your pistol so you can note the potentially different recoil and bullet point of impact. Since the difference could be minuscule or inches. So there are no surprises, this is why I train with my exact carry ammunition. Cheers and stay safe! I recommend Federal 9BP in 100rd lots :

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  • Blaser Brass is very good ammo for range use

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  • This would be great ammo for general range ammo, I\'d recommend a good hollow point for defense. Speer gold dot gdhp, and federal hst are two of the best defense rounds you can buy. They are a little pricey but well worth it. This is range ammo and fmj/full metal jacket isn\'t recommended for defense since it can over penetrate and hit things/people behind the intended target, but with that said anything\'s better than nothing. Hope this helps.

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