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  • Melvin, yes Sir both will fit your Compact 9mm without question. They will extend as you already know but, will lock in and function just fine. Cheers and stay safe!

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  • Yes, both will fit and function just fine. Hope this helps.

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  • This one and the 33rd extended magazine will work in your gen3 G26,
    the magazine bodies are essentially the same, except the later models have dual cutouts for left or right hand release. (All old magazines work fine for right hand shooters. Left hand shooters with the magazine release on the wrоng
    side will need the late model magazines with the dual magazine release cutouts)
    The longer gen 5 magazine base plates fit every Glock except the G19X with the funky little nub at the bottom of the grip. You can use any generation mag in the G19X as long as you use gen 3 style baseplates.

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