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  • Legend Pro or Hornady?

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    in Ammunition
  • So under Manufacturer, it says Legend Pro. Then it says Hornady JHP 158 gr... The ammo is in a plastic bag so what exactly is this stuff? Is it from Hornady? Why does it say Legend Pro and bagged up like Hornady never does?

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  • Lynn, the bullet itself is a Hornady 158gr Jacketed Hollow Point. Legend loads the cartridge, powder, primer and uses Hornady Brand bullets. This ammunition is actually decent. cheers and stay safe! Re-loaders also use this bullet as a component :!/

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  • So Legend ammo has virtually no website or online resources, hornady makes and sell cartridges to consumers, but they also make bullets (projectile only) that other manufacturers can purchase and load into a case with powder, primer, etc, and then turn around and sell it as their own. This ammo is a hornady projectile cased, powdered, primed and manufactured in all ways and sold by legend. You\'ll see the same thing with Barnes Vortex bullets alot too, they sell their projectile to reloaded and manufacturers because they make a good product and there are many out there that like loading their ammo.

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  • Can't find really any information on these but my guess would be it's manufactured by legend and using hordany bullets/projectiles. Hope this helps.

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  • Projectile made by Horandy, cartridge made and distributed by Legend ammo.

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