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  • Loaded magazine

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  • Will the spring go bad if the magazine is left loaded for an extended period of time? How long will the loaded magazine last? Should I store them unloaded? Thank you.

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  • some people will tell you yes but I have left mags loaded for years and never had a spring go bad from it In fact, leaving a magazine spring fully compressed — or fully extended — won’t harm it at all. You can leave magazines loaded for years and they’ll be fine. What does the damage is the act of compressing or extending the spring.(loading and unloading)

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  • Mike, storing them loaded will not cause the springs to go bad. Load them up ahead of time and you'll be ready for a spur of the moment trip to the range at any time.

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  • Mike, no Sir it will not. Also, springs are a replaceable component and takes about a minute just in case. Cheers and stay safe!

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  • No, using the magazine makes the spring go bad. So loading and unloading will wear the spring. Constant pressure of a loaded magazine doesn't hurt the spring. I have many ar15 magazines and other magazines loaded year round and they still function flawlessly. I always load them one or two rounds light, so a 30 round magazine I'll do 28-29 but that's just me. Hope this helps.

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