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  • walther ppk/s .380 stainless

    in Hand Gun
  • hello this model that you are waiting a new shipment on. are they from inter arms or smith and wesson. if smith and wesson there should be a small pin type dent under the hammer. this would indicate the last recall was fixed.. the problem originally gave s and w a black eye. either manuf. i would be a buyer in stainless

    4 Answers

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  • by - Lifetime Points: 7541 Chosen as Best Answer
  • Hi John, I would imagine that they've fixed the issue they were having with this model. I doubt they would send a bad batch out without fixing the bugs in them. as for who's shipping these I'm not sure you may have to call Buds. 859-368-0371

  • by - Lifetime Points: 450
  • This listing is for the old S&W made PPK/S which is no longer produced. Walther Arms will produce the PPK/S, but they have not been released yet. The model number for the new production stainless PPK/S .380 is 4796004.

  • by - Lifetime Points: 21781
  • From what I found there is a Walther plant in Ft Smith AR. which is where they are made. I am sure any problems (that they were recalled for ) have been corrected

  • by - Lifetime Points: 52869
  • John, this batch is being shipped by Smith and Wesson. They are good to go. Produced in the USA under license by Smith & Wesson the single stack PPK/S incorporates fixed sights, extended beavertail frame, and manual safety decocker.