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  • slugs instead of buckshot

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  • I am new to shot-gunning. Can I use slugs on this ATI Bullpup? Any additional tips? Need to change chokes or use what's in it when delivered. 3" shell or 2 3/4" - any info will be much appreciated - I am an old timer transitioning from Benchrest / F-Class long range shooting

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  • Nat, Question 1 & 2 -- yes you can use slugs, rifles slugs (aka foster) since this is a smooth bore, for best results use cylinder or improved cylinder choke tubes for slugs. Question 3 -- This has a 3" chamber, so it will safely shoot either 2 3/4" or 3" shells. Good luck in your transition and have a great day!

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  • Nat, Slugs are fine. Foster Type Slugs will work best through the Cylinder Choke performance/accuracy wise. I recommend the RIO Royal Slugs here :

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  • Nat, this has a smooth bore so rifled slugs will work great in this. It has a 3 inch chamber so both 2-3/4 inch and 3 inch shells will fire safely. For the break in period/first 500 rounds I'd stick to higher velocity rounds to completely cycle the bolt. After that it should cycle any velocity ammo you put threw it. For slugs you will need to change chokes. This comes with 3 piece choke set but can't find anywhere what they are. For slugs you want improved cylinder or a cylinder choke, you will get the best accuracy with those. Believe that's everything. Hope this helps.

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  • Yes, it is safe to shoot slug on this ATI Bullpup. It does come with 3-piece choke tube set so make sure that you have the right choke or bare barrel when you shoot slug. It's important to select a choke tube with little to no constriction. That's why a cylinder or improved cylinder choke is ideal for use with slugs. These types of chokes have a large enough diameter to shoot slugs without damaging the shotgun barrel or causing harm to the person firing. I hope this helps!

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