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  • Is the top rail bowed up?

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    in Long Gun
  • Is the top optics rail bowed up above the charging handle like it is in the provided product image? I can just see it visually so I took a straight edge and laid it over your product image and the guns top rail does bow upward.

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  • Todd, looking at the photo it does appear to bow but watching reviews doesn't look like the actual firearms rail bows. So believe it's just the photo making it look that way. Hope this helps.

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  • The honest answer is none of us have a clue, we're all going off the same pictures you are. This is a firearm on the cheaper end of the spectrum, so if you seek perfection you might want to look at a higher end brand, if you want something Inexpensive, and some minor manufacturer inconsistencies don't bother you, then go for this one. As a general rule you usually get what you pay for.

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  • Todd, after looking at some more pictures, I have to agree with Josh. On Tokarev website, right side of picture looks bowed, left side looks perfectly straight. Besides, who ever heard of a bowed pic rail?

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  • Todd, there is an ever so slight bow on this model Sir. Cheers and stay safe!

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