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  • Jessica, this is a proprietary frame from Ruger, it doesn't have a designation. You just have to make sure your grips are compatible with the GP100.
    Some here >>>
    Stay safe & have a great day!

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  • Hi Jessica and welcome. There are several grip options depending on your taste and budget. Some options are : VZ - -------------------------------------------- Ruger- ---------------------------------------- And one of my favorites, ETSY - - Cheers and stay safe!

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  • Jessica, The GP100 frame is most similar to a S&W L frame but the frame is proprietary so S&W L frame grips won't fit. You need ones specifically made for the Ruger gp100. Id recommend checking this website ( or just Google Ruger gp100 grips and it's the second page right under Amazon. They make great grips and have several options for the gp100. Hope this helps.

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