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  • I'd say your best bet, if your grandson is old enough to purchase one on his own, is to purchase a Gift card for him to use at Bud's. This way he can pick his own and have it sent to his FFL for them to complete the transfer & background check.

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  • Joseph, you can legally purchase the shotgun yourself and gift it to your grandson as long as he is of age. Depending on the state your grandson lives in that could be 18 or 21. Now if you have to ship it to your grandson things get a little more difficult. Then I'd say the best way would be to purchase a gift card in the amount of the shotgun and let him purchase it himself. If you live in the same state as him and plan on giving it to him in person it's perfectly legal for you to buy it and gift it to him. It's completely up to you if you decide to go to a FFL dealer/gunshop and transfer it into his name. Hope this helps.

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