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  • Eldis, yes people have had problems chambering this ammo in their Ruger LCP's. This has a slightly thicker rim, and thicker rim does not slide up under the extractor when the round is entering the chamber. The rim thickness also causes extraction problems.
    Stay stay safe & have a great day!

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  • Eldis, that's weird, they should fit and function just fine. Is the Ruger new, have you tried other ammo. If not and this is the first time trying to fire it could be an issue with the gun. Could also be out of spec ammo but I've never had that happen with fiocchi ammo. You could try taking the pistol apart and see if the round seats in the barrel correctly. I'd recommend taking the gun and ammo to a gunshop/gunsmith and see if they can help you. Sorry you're having trouble but hope this helps some and wish you luck in straightening it out.

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  • Have shot boxes of these through the wife's Shield Ez .380 with no issues at All!! I run The Fiocchi 9mm through my Glocks as well, good ammo!!

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  • Hi Eldis, overall length may be out of specification. I have not had any issues with PMC nor S&B .380 rounds. Cheers and stay safe!

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