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  • Reviews are mixed

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    in Long Gun
  • I have watched a ton of reviews and some say they barely function other are impressed. I did see someone say the new version or maxx was the fixed version. Did I just waste my money ordering this?

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  • Hi Jeremy and welcome. I don't think you wasted your money. Inspect the rifle thoroughly at the FFL Dealer before the transfer. If no apparent issues found, disassemble, clean and lube and go through a good break in process and reclean and lube after 300 rounds. Any issues should show itself early in the game. Cheers and stay safe!

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  • Jeremy, I think you will be ok. I have found that nearly anything I buy has mixed reviews.
    Stay safe & have a great day!

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  • You have to realize, many reviews could be from new guys that don't know to break in or how to maintain properly. I'd go over it once it gets to your FFL before you accept it and complete the transfer. Then, as recommended below, give it a good breakin with quality ammo, then a good cleaning & lube.

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  • I suspect that may of the problems are cleaning or ammo induced mine works like a champ

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