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  • Pattern at 50 feet

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  • Yep what might be the pellet spread at 50 feet.
    That should be in the specs of every home defence shotgun }}

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  • Hi James and welcome. This has Fixed Cylinder Chokes and it would also depend on the load you are using. At 15 yards expect a 8 to 10 inch spread. Cheers and stay safe!

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  • James, it would look something like this -
    * . *
    * . * . *
    * * . *

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  • around dinner plate spread (8-10 inches) at 15 yards with standard ammo/ buck shot dand+target+9mm+115+grain+full+metal+jacket+50rd+box but you should pattern the load you intend to use in general faster loads will open the pattern more where slower loads usually cause tighter patterns

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