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  • If ordering from Washington, will Buds just not include the 30 round magazine? I saw one answer saying at checkout it gave the option to ask to ship without the magazine, but I don’t see that option. If I order will they just not include the magazine? Thank you!

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  • Zach, Bud's will not ship this gun to WA, it is prohibited. The pistol grip, adjustable stock, threaded barrel, muzzle device, and barrel shroud are all prohibited in WA.
    Details here ,
    If you order a gun that is WA compliant, Bud's will remove any non-compliant magazines.

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  • The magazine isn't what will prevent this from being shipped to WA state. You would need a "Featureless" model.
    No pistol grip
    No adjustable stock
    No threaded barrel
    No muzzle flash Hider
    Yeah, it's a bummer, sorry...
    So, if you find one that is WA compliant Bud's would remove the higher capacity mags not Legal for your state.

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  • Hi Zach and welcome. They will just not include the magazine Sir. This has been Bud's policy. However, laws have changed in the State of Washington for the worst. Details under Rifles here : ------------- Cheers and stay safe!

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