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  • Hi Eugene and welcome. 20%. Layaway is a is just a few easy steps - just add item to your cart - Select Checkout - Select your FFL - Select Checkout option "Layaway" - Select checkout method for min of 20% down payment - Once down payment is made your layaway is complete. Within the 90 day period you can pay little by little or all at once at the end. Buds will charge $10 fee after 30 Days and another $15 after 60 Days for a total $25 layaway fee. Cheers and stay safe!

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  • Hi Eugene, you need 20% down, or $334 for this purchase. You will be prompted to put your 20% down during checkout.
    Stay safe & have a great day!

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  • per buds new policy layaways are at the NON CASH price (no cash discount) also layaway is free the 1st 30 days a $10 fee will be charged for the next 30 and a $15.00 fee for the last 30 days place item in cart. go to checkout. select FFL to be shipped to (can select or change later) continue to payment select Layaway. Pay the 20% needed to remove gun from inventory . Some Items can be placed on a 180 day layaway but most have a 90 day lay away. after payment completed firearm ships to you chosen FFL and you pay him a transfer fee and do paperwork the transfer fee amount is up to the receiving FFL holder normally between $15.00 and $35.00 if you do any layaways the yes it will save you money because TB members get free layaways and non members pay $25.00 (TB cost $29.95 the 1st year the $24.95 after that) in fees for each lay away. I also like the fact that as a TB member I can put Used guns on layaway. I also use the TB only phone number that takes you to the front of the line when you call Buds

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  • 20 % of non cash price or in this case $344.20

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