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  • Changing out backstraps.

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  • I own both a TH9 and TH40 and I wish to change out the backstraps. The owners manual addresses this, but not comprehensibly. There are 2 small key-sized tools in the case that are seemingly for this purpose, however such use is not explicitly stated. I tried using one of these tools in pressing out the roll pin that secures the backstrap, but without any success, as I was reluctant to apply more force. What is the best method/tool for removing the rollpin, and how much force is necessary?

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  • Hi W. Hunter and welcome. This video will help you out :

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  • The video James suggested watching shows you how 1, 2, 3... you just maybe need to apply a bit more pressure is all.

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  • Sometimes those roll pins can be a pain to remove, especially the first time. I would suggest a punch (instead of the included tool) and tap it lightly with a small hammer. If it does not move, keep tapping harder until it does move. You can also try from the other side, it may move easier on side than the other.
    Good luck, stay safe, & have a great day!

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