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  • I believe this is a copy of a Walther. Anyone have experience with it. How does it hold up ? All comments welcomed.
    How difficult to rack slide?
    How is trigger & reset?
    Looking at it for my wife with smaller hand.
    function as a ccw?

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  • Hi Russell and welcome. This is a full-size pistol but the grip accommodates smaller hands no issue. I own several Caniks and will put them up against my Glock's, S&W. Beretta's and others any day. For your wife, I recommend the compact Canik METE- --Cheers, stay safe and enjoy!

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  • I love Canik’s. Having shot a very wide variety, I can say Canik is one of the best out of the box triggers you can get at such a phenomenal price point. This one is full size, so not really ideal for CC but can be done. I like the TP9 SC Elite personally, and is one I carry frequently for extended amounts of time. The only drawback is that they tend to run a little chunkier in the weight and overall width compared to their competition. Hope that helps!

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