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Product Reviews: Kahr Arms Auto-Ordnance 30 Cal. Carbine w/Blue Barrel & Walnut Stock

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by Matt R
Thursday 11 January, 2018
Great price for a great little firearm - shipped promptly to local FFL, total sale plus transfer fee was significantly less than local options. Beautiful stock and good fit and finish - cast receiver looks different than than the genuine WWII article. Short and handy rifle - can see why they were the troops\' favorite. Carbine shoots wonderfully - tight group at 25 yards with cheap ammo from the rudimentary rear sight, needed to be tapped a bit to center the group. One FTF with the included mag, but ran like a top otherwise for 200 rounds. Cleaned and broken in now - will serve admirably as a \'grown-up 22\' for years to come.

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
by Michael B
Thursday 04 January, 2018
I have one problem with this Carbine but I\'m not too concerned about it. After 200 rounds I still have FTF, FTE problems. Thanks to Buds lifetime warranty (which includes shipping) I\'ll give it a few hundred more break in rounds. Yes, it still deserves 5 stars! Very well built, very accurate and very beautiful. Added bonus... The stock is not red, but it is encased in plastic. I was so happy when I opened the box that the stock was obviously walnut with no red tint to it as pictured. However, when I picked it up I was shocked by the plastic coating. It felt dry, yet was very slippery. I could see the grain but the shell was opaque. Fortunately, their process does not bond the plastic to the the wood grain and 30 minutes with one piece of 180 grit sand paper removed the entire finish! It just shredded it like an outgrown shell. 3 coats of Tung Oil and the result was stunning! 20 hours from start to firing line! Deep rich walnut tones and unbelievable Tiger Stripe grain! A quick buff with steel wool and I had a beautiful non-slip finish! I am in love with this Carbine! Kahr did a great job building it. My 6th gun from Bud\'s. Good people. They make mistakes like everyone else, but they take responsibility for them and bend over backwards to correct them! They can smooth out anything but your bad choices and misconceptions. Never had a bad experience, even when things didn\'t go as planned! Always been treated like I personally, am the reason they exist! That\'s hard to find anywhere!

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
by Daniel T
Sunday 31 December, 2017
Read both good and bad reviews about this M1 Carbine and decided to get it. 500 rounds and not a single malfunction. I only run ball ammo through it (Armscore) and plan to reload the brass. Have not had any issues at all with this carbine. I picked up current production Korean magazines, and they work flawlessly in this firearm along with the magazine it came with. It's as accurate as it needs to be (minute of man out to 200 yards). Fit and finish on it are excellent. Walnut stock even has a very nice grain pattern. Bud's delivered quickly as always.

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
by Douglas D
Tuesday 28 November, 2017
I like shooting this rifle, so far I have I have put through about 600 rounds. Only had one miss feed. It is easy to shot and is accurate. Now the negative, the workmanship of the stock is poor. I had to re-attach the tang on the upper cover as the cover fell off while firing. The pop rivets used were ground down so much that they could not hold the metal clip in place. The stock is chipped where the receiver is secured to it. It looks like when they assembled the rifle a piece of the stock chipped and they just glued it back in and now it is a little higher than the rest of the stock. The front sight is loose, it twists side to side not much but it should not move at all. It looks they used a straight pin rather a tapered pin like the original. The bolt on occasion will jam when pulling it back manually and you have to force it forward. Being that this carbine is about half the cost of other manufacturers it is not a bad deal. If they paid a bit more attention to the easy stuff I would have given the rifle a higher rating.

Rating: [3 of 5 Stars!]
by Craig Z
Friday 17 November, 2017
I have wanted an M1 carbine for quite a while now. I did a lot of research into more expensive reproductions out there, but I couldn't find enough good reviews on them to justify the higher price. The Auto Ordnance M1 that I received is a beautiful rifle. The rifle is more than accurate enough for shooting steel plates off hand at 50 - 100 yards. The only knock I have on the rifle is that I typically have one failure to feed per magazine. I have this issue with the included magazine and two Korean 15 round magazines that I have purchased. I simply pull back on the charging handle a little and then the round goes into battery. This isn't a big issue as this isn't a defensive rifle for me, but it is a little annoying.

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
by Henry L
Thursday 28 September, 2017
Great firearm ,shoots great ,have never had any trouble with it and the stock is so nice you almost do'nt want to touch it. good job Bud,s

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
Displaying 13 to 18 (of 31 reviews)
Results Pages:  1  2  3  4  5 ...   

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