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Taurus 692 357MAG/38SP Black 3 7RD Adjustable Sights INCLUDES 9MM CYLINDER

   13 Reviews| 5 Questions & Answers
Model: 2692031
Condition: Factory New
Bud's Item Number: 100191
UPC: 725327616023

Taurus 692 357MAG/38SP Black 3 7RD Adjustable Sights INCLUDES 9MM CYLINDER
Taurus 692 357MAG/38SP Black 3 7RD Adjustable Sights INCLUDES 9MM CYLINDER

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  •  MODEL:692B (Black)
  •  TYPE:Revolver
  •  ACTION:Double / Single Action
  •  FINISH:Matte
  •  STOCK/GRIPS:Black Rubber
  •  WEIGHT:35.27 oz.
  •  CALIBER/GAUGE:357 Magnum | 38 Special
  •  CAPACITY:7 rd.
  •  BARREL:3"
  •  SIGHTS:Adjustable Rear
  •  SAFETY:Transfer Bar
  •  ADDL INFO:Includes 9mm Cylinder

Finish Black Oxide
Type Suppressor Height 3-Dot
Action Blowback Operation
Caliber 22 Mag
Barrel Length 2.49"
Capacity 1-15
Safety Striker, Trigger, Decocker
Grips Crimson Trace Grips
Sights Dovetail white dot front/Novak style rear
Finish Nitron/Hard Coat Anodized
Type Rifle
Action Striker Fire Action
Caliber .45 Colt
Barrel Length 4.65"
Capacity 8+1/10+1
Safety No Manual Safety
Grips Rough Textured Frame
Sights Glock Night Sights
Finish Black
Type Revolver
Action Single/Double
Caliber 357 MAG / 38 SPECIAL
Barrel Length 3"
Capacity 7
Safety Transfer Bar
Grips Black Rubber
Sights Adjustable Rear
Finish High Carbon Steel
Type Rifle
Action Single Action Only
Caliber .45 Winchester Magnum
Barrel Length 2 3/4"
Capacity 10 1/14 1
Safety 2 Position Frame Mounted
Grips OD Green Battleworn
Sights High Tritium 3-Dot Sights
Finish Sniper Grey
Type Training Pistol
Action Single Action Only
Caliber 45LC/454/410
Barrel Length 4.5"
Capacity 33+1
Safety Beavertail and Thumb
Grips Composite Grips with Delta Medallions
Sights Dovetail white dot front/Novak style rear

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Product Reviews
13 Reviews. Average Rating:    4.8 of 5 Stars!
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77% (10 of 13)
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24% (3 of 13)
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Reviewed By: on 05/29/2020
Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!

My first 357 since the 70\'s. Had a Model 19 Smith and it was scrap held together with bailing wire. Brand new and junk. And no help from the seller, the distributor or the factory. It soured me on that type of revolver. But this Taurus 692 with the 3 inch ported barrel fits my had and has a smooth action, trigger pull and no creep. I love it. I added a Hogue 73000 grip and now it is ready to go. ( That\'s the gun, no comment on my shooting. Maybe later if I can edit this.)

I recommend Taurus and Bud\'s. 5 stars.

Reviewed By: on 05/29/2020
Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!

So far I love the gun, I just need to zero my sights. I'm shooting a couple inches low out of the box. The grip is great, feels good in the hand, and good weight for .357. The trigger is ok, but will likely get smoother with more use. When firing 38 SPL the gun barely moves; super easy. Firing .357 Mag made my teeth chatter, but didn't hurt my hand at all. Firing 9mm had more kick than 38, but no big deal. The gun is a good purchase.

Reviewed By: on 05/27/2020
Rating:     4 of 5 Stars!

This was my first purchase from Buds and I\'m happy with my order.

The gun shoots very well and looks better in person than in pictures.

Buds had the best price too. Only 1 small complaint, which is the 9mm cylinder requires moons clips to eject casings. Overall great experience with Buds and the Taurus 692 is a great firearm to have.

Reviewed By: on 05/17/2020
Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!

Of course, Bud%u2019s had what I was looking for at the best price. Delivery was quick despite the pandemic. I was interested in the Taurus 692 because of the visibility of shooting 9mm and 38sp-357 mag from one revolver. It comes with two cylinders, one for 9mm and the other for 38sp-357 mag. Switching the cylinders was quick, simple, and secure. The revolver is solid and shoots all three calibers very comfortably with little to no difference in accuracy. My only complaint would be the finish. I own other Taurus revolvers in the brushed steel finish and find it adequate. I don%u2019t know what to call this %u201Cblued%u201D finish. Whether I use Hobbes 9 or Balistol, the exterior never comes clean. Grease, oil, fingerprints, lint and debris from who knows where sticks to it. Furthermore, the finish is just plain ugly. Having said that, it is one of my favorite revolvers to take to the range and I enjoy shooting it as much as any handgun. I just put it in a recycled Milwaukee%u2019s Best 40 ounce paper bag and hope no one at the range sees it.

Reviewed By: on 03/13/2020
Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!

Ok I got to say I love this revolver Taurus 692. 3 inch barrel ported .... 9mm first , put 200 reds thru it without any problems kind of snappy little recoil very nice to shoot all day pretty accurate at 10yrds..
.38 special lead round nose .... wow what a delight to shoot less recoil than the 9mm accurate at 10 yrds
.357 magnum JHP ... wasn’t what I expected recoil was less than any of my 1911s .. loud solid boom very noisy accurate at 10 yrds
Between the ported barrel and the Taurus new rubber grips this revolver is a pleasure to shoot ... single action is a nice and crisp break not a heavy pull at all and in double action the pull is smooth and has kinda of a second stage and then a crisp break very happy with this purchase and worth every dollar I paid for it my new favorite ...ha ha ha thinking to look into the .44 mag

Reviewed By: on 03/01/2020
Rating:     4 of 5 Stars!

Its fun, but not accurate with 9mm or the 357 loads I used... it\'s still effective for defensive purposes just not a 25 yard bullseye gun

Reviewed By: on 02/22/2020
Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!

Another great buy from Buds.
No problems .
GREAT price lowest I could find on the internet.
My Taurus 692 357 38special and 9mm arrived at my ffl in perfect condition.
Came in a very reasonable amount of time.

Reviewed By: on 02/04/2020
Rating:     4 of 5 Stars!

Well, I basically like this revolver. It\'s the first one I have owned and I heard a lot of varying opinions on what makes sense for a first revolver but the ability to fire 3 different calibers out of the one gun was appealing, and finding only snub-noses and enormous cannons in the local shops I went to Bud\'s and the price was way below what anyone in town would have been able to order it for. I shot a box of .38 special and a box of 9mm out of it the day after I picked it up. The grips are comfortable and it\'s very easy to swap out the cylinders. I don\'t have a lot to compare it to but in double action the trigger has what seems like a heavy pull whereas I felt like almost no pressure was required to fire it in single action. Firing the .38 special GECO rounds in single action I was able to reliably hit cans and water jugs and the like from 30 feet and comfortably handle the minimal recoil. I felt like I got a lot more muzzle rise firing the 9mm than the .38. I need more practice. It came with 4 or 5 stellar/moon clips for use with the 9mm cylinder (the extractor rod won\'t eject the 9mm shells without the clips) and I completely ruined the first one trying to extract the spent shells from it. There\'s a proper technique for removing the casings without bending the clip or widening the gap where the shells fit in, you basically have to pull them straight out to the side which I didn\'t find intuitive after a lifetime of prying stuff out of things. Once I figured that out though, the 9mm can be done really quickly with the clips. The gun is aesthetically pleasing in the matte black, to my sensibilities. I\'m looking forward to getting good on it and shooting some heavier .357 loads. Thanks Buds.

Reviewed By: on 01/22/2020
Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!

The porting on this is amazing at reducing muzzle rise, full house 357 no problems with this one, much less felt recoil than my S&W K frames. Really nice you don’t have to use the moon clips with 9mm since it headspaces on the cylinder, you have to pick out the brass, but that’s much easier than loading and unloading moon clips. I’ve put about 500 rounds through it, a mix of 357/38 and 9mm, both factory and hand loads, no issues and shoots point of aim

Reviewed By: on 01/01/2020
Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!

VERY NICE!!!!!!! Great price from Buds.....I also like being able to fire the 9mm as well....Thanks BUDS...….

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Questions & Answers
    • Answered
    David, yes it does have an orange front sight. You can see this at 2:45 in this video.
    • Answered
    Nikolas, I would speak with Hogue Grips for Medium Frame Round Butt Wood Grips at 800-GET-GRIP(438-4747) -
    See 1 more answer |
    • Answered
    Rickey, No this model is not stainless steel. This model 2692031 is not stainless steel. It is Black Oxide Carbon Steel. As far as the weight if the carbon steel and stainless steel as longs as its the same thickness, you wont see a big difference in weight. :// Model 2692039 is stainless steel
    See 1 more answer |
    • Answered
    They are probably not completely necessary although loading/unloading is more difficult. The gun does ship with 2 Stellar clips for use with the 9mm cylinder according to the Taurus site.
    See 2 more answers |
    • Answered
    Hi John, The only place I could find them is on Amazon.
    See 1 more answer |
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