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Crickett Blue/Black 22 Long Rifle Pistol - 1 Round, Polymer Grips

   14 Reviews
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Model: KSA693
Condition: Factory New
Bud's Item Number: 137731
UPC: 611613006930

Crickett Blue/Black 22 Long Rifle Pistol

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*Please Note!! Many of our pictures are stock photo\'s provided to us by the manufacturer and do not necessarily represent the actual item being purchased. Please verify this picture accurately reflects the product described by the title and description on this page before you place your order.

Crickett Blue/Black 22 Long Rifle Pistol
Factory New
Bud's Item #

14 Reviews. 4.6 out of 5 Stars!
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Gordon W on 12/04/2022
Rating:   5 of 5 Stars!

I purchased one from Bud's for something fun to shoot and was asked to write a review on it for an online gun group. The Crickett, by design, is easy to break down, clean and operate. If one is looking for a speed shooting gun, this is not the one for that. It is a single shot, hand load, bolt action. I read some complaints about the right hand/left bolt setup. As one who is ex-military and also ambidextrous, it worked MAGNIFICENTLY for me! I prefer my trigger hand to be on the gun all the time. The Crickett achieves exactly that since I shoot pistols right-handed and rifles left-handed. KSA's promo materials brag about the fire sights, so I was looking forward to trying them. My "aim" (pun intended) was to zero first at 25 yards, shoot two types of rounds, then re-zero at 50 and do the same. The one problem I had with the "fire sights" was the ranges I shoot at normally don't have enough light to make them work. I had to add a flashlight to produce the fire I needed to light them. At 25 yards using Norma Tac 22 match grade rounds, I shot a .5" shot group with little trouble. The bulk Winchester rounds I had wouldn't get closer than 1" at that distance. But things changed dramatically at 50 yards. At 50 yards the front sight obscured the target, making accuracy all but impossible. I began to wonder if it was me, the gun or the sights. My experience said the sights and I already had a scope rail ready to go. Installing the rail was simple and make sure that 3/8" dovetail scope mounts are available as that is all that will fit the Crickett pistol. Also make sure your order the correct rail. There are two rails and one is for the rifles and one for the pistols. They are not cross-compatible because the rifle uses a right hand bolt and the pistol a left hand bolt. After installing the scope rail and my Simmons 22 MAG scope, I sighted the scope in at 50 yards and the pistol performed EXACTLY as I expected it would! 7 touching rounds shot out the center of the 6" target AND I was using bulk Winchestor rounds which aren't exactly known for their accuracy! I switched to Norma Tac 22 match rounds and found that what was good for the Winchestor rounds was not good for the Norma ones. They shot a great pattern, but left and low compared to where the scope was sighted in with the Winchestor. My conclusion overall is that the factory sights are only good to 25 yards and at that distance it is quite the tack driver with those sights. The front sight is too big to accomodate the fiber optic and it becomes a by guess or by God at 50 yards. I didn't bother trying at 100 yards since I would be dealing with bullet drop and an even smaller target for the front sight to obscure. The Simmons 22 MAG scope on the other hand introduced the Crickett to religion. It found God. Overall, the Crickett is a GREAT pistol! I had one weird anomaly with the nylon feeder ramp (I am concerned about the nylon feeder ramp for lengevity's sake) where it somehow tucked in under the chamber in the gun safe. I am not sure how it happened and I was VERY concerned about whether it was going to survive that incident. But a little surgery brought it back into play and it hasn't done that since. As one who is a competitive shooter, I have to say this little entry level pistol has all the abilities to make it a GREAT shooter for anyone! I can picture it being a great little intro pistol for youngsters getting into more serious shooting. As a plinker, I would advise the shooter shoot at larger targets with the factory sights. It should ring steel with no problem until they get too small and/or far away. With a scope on it, you can pretty much play precision rifle with a pistol contrary to what many reviewers have said. My next fun thing to do with it will be to play small bore cricket (darts game) with a buddy who will be using his .22 LR rifle against my Crickett. He tried against my precision rifle and that didn't end well. If today is any indication, he may not fare so well against the Crickett either...

Nathanael A on 03/30/2022
Rating:   1 of 5 Stars!

The dealer that was shipped through said that I failed background check, so he couldn't sell it to me. He would not give me a refund either, though. I am out 150$ and couldn't do anything about it.

Thomas M on 10/15/2021
Rating:   5 of 5 Stars!

This is a fun and accurate pistol. I equipped it with a scope and bipod because it really works better as a short barreled rifle. It is light, safe, and easy to carry. Low cost and cheap to shoot and accurate makes it it a pleasure to shoot.

Jeff O on 10/06/2021
Rating:   5 of 5 Stars!

I got this because it's a .22lr single shot (so it will shoot any .22's i can find like shorts, longs, LR's, sub-sonic, stingers etc.) and It's different left hand bolt, but its a right hand gun. It's a tack driver, i have shot about 300 to 400 rds through it and at 50 ft of a rest with open sights once adjusted to your pref. just one hole in the bullseye of your target and it will ring steel out to 100 meters no problem. This gun is very safe with the way it operates so I.M.O. this would be a great gun to teach some one new to the shooting sports, and i have to say again I.M.O Keystone sporting arms LLC. has good customer service i had a small issue with something and i called them and the fixed it immediately so thumbs up to them! And the price is very reasonable so thumbs up to buds also for having it in stock( they are hard to find) It's a good firearm to have for a lot of reasons but i got it for a range toy and i am very happy with it. Keystone makes a scope mount for it. if you want one but I'm not sure i'm gonna mount one cuz it shoots so good without it.

Swanee L on 02/14/2021
Rating:   5 of 5 Stars!

Great little plinker/pest popper pistol that for me is just about as accurate as most .22 rifles at iron-sight range anyway.

Glenn R on 07/16/2020
Rating:   5 of 5 Stars!

Buds always has good service and shipping time. This gun is a cool little single shot .22LR and allows for multiple ways to shoot and it accurate. My son and wife love to shoot it.

Wayne T on 02/27/2019
Rating:   5 of 5 Stars!

This pistol is excellent. It is a fun single shot gun, just right for plinking. It will shoot .22 CB caps just fine. Well made!

Gary V on 02/02/2019
Rating:   5 of 5 Stars!

I had one of these a few years ago and sold it. I missed the accuracy and unusual look so bought another recently from Buds. This is the most accurate gun I have ever had. It also inexpensive it shoots 22 ammo exclusively either high velocity of standard. It's lightweight and fits comfortably in the hand. While the bolt action is fun it's the only drawback since its a single shot. This one is a keeper now.

Jeff S on 10/23/2018
Rating:   5 of 5 Stars!

Pros light good shooter on point cost sights Cons none Would buy again.

Earl H on 09/13/2018
Rating:   5 of 5 Stars!

I was pleasantly surprised with the Crickett Pistol. It came with iron sights which I expected. It also came with a rail that can be put on and a threaded barrel, i did not expect either. For an inexpensive pistol it is a great buy. The only issue I have had, I removed the thread protector and am having a difficult time putting it back on.

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