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IWI US, Inc. US J941 FS9 Single/Double Action 9mm 3.8" 16+1 Black Synthetic Grip Black - Blue/Black, 3.8" Barrel, 16+1 Rounds, Polymer Grips

   13 Reviews
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Model: J941FS9
Condition: Factory New
Bud's Item Number: 4650
UPC: 856304004967

IWI US, Inc. US J941 FS9 Single/Double Action 9mm 3.8 16+1 Black Synthetic Grip Black

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The Jericho features a frame mounted safety enabling cocked locked carry , single action function, or hammer down double action function. Additional features include an integral Picatinny rail for mounting accessories, adjustable dovetailed sights, a firing pin block and a loaded chamber indicator. Barrels are cold hammer forged of the finest Mil-Spec CrMoV steel. Each Jericho 941 comes with two standard capacity magazines.
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IWI US, Inc. US J941 FS9 Single/Double Action 9mm 3.8" 16+1 Black Synthetic Grip Black
Factory New
Bud's Item #
The Jericho features a frame mounted safety enabling cocked locked carry , single action function, or hammer down double action function. Additional features include an integral Picatinny rail for mounting accessories, adjustable dovetailed sights, a firing pin block and a loaded chamber indicator. Barrels are cold hammer forged of the finest Mil-Spec CrMoV steel. Each Jericho 941 comes with two standard capacity magazines.

13 Reviews. 4.8 out of 5 Stars!
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Shawn B on 05/10/2024
Rating:   5 of 5 Stars!

My son has a full-size Jericho 941 I shot last year. I wasn't overly impressed. It fit my hand great, but the grips were too slick for my tastes and the trigger bite wasn't fun. A couple months ago I decided to step into CZ75 clones and give the Jericho a try again after seeing all the upgrades out there, especially from Cajun Gun Works and Patriot Defense. I went ahead and ordered the compact/carry size. A pair of Hogue checkered grips, Dawson Precision sights, and some Cajun seasoning, along with a modified Armory Craft trigger, turned this mediocre feeling pistol into a steel framed wonder that will knock my P229 Legion out of its EDC monopoly. The only complaint I have left for it is that there isn't an extended or ambidextrous safety option readily available in the aftermarket. Why give it 5 stars if I needed to do so much work to it to be this happy with it? Because at under $600, and with about $300 in upgrades, it's still a better value than my P229 or M18 with AXG frame.

Solomon A on 04/06/2024
Rating:   3 of 5 Stars!

The price was good. Overall the gun is great

Long T on 10/30/2023
Rating:   5 of 5 Stars!

Great gun, good quality. Shipping was taking a little long but I was in no hurry. Wish they provide a 3rd magazine, but that was just me being picky. No complain. Very under rated gun, the full steel body speaks for itself, feel great and eats the recoil

Jimmy M on 05/20/2023
Rating:   5 of 5 Stars!

This gun is my first IWI. I like it most of all my weapons. It fills my hand. It is a well balanced gun. It is a very accurate gun. Of all my weapons this is my favorite.

Charles S on 04/01/2022
Rating:   5 of 5 Stars!

Excellent all around gun, A+++!

Rex M on 03/30/2022
Rating:   5 of 5 Stars!

This is one sweet shooting firearm. It feels great in the hand and is very well balanced. Great price and fast shipping from Bud's!

James C on 09/22/2019
Rating:   5 of 5 Stars!

l haven't had a chance to shoot the pistol, yet. As soon as I can find time to get to the range, I'll get that done. That being said, my initial observations of fit, finish, trigger, and overall assembly is one of amazement. For a gun at this price point, one with all steel construction and such obvious attention to engineering and assembly, used by armed forces for defense - this is a fantastic pistol. The single action trigger is amazing - so little creep that it's almost undetectable. The wonderful trigger quality was not something that I expected. I look forward to operating the pistol, and getting back with a review regarding it's accuracy.

Sydney R on 01/27/2019
Rating:   5 of 5 Stars!

I wanted to wait a while after purchasing this gun to write this review, because I wanted to try it out for myself and really test its reliability, safety, and decide how satisfied I was with it once I owned and used it personally as my new main personal defense gun. I have shot several hundred rounds through the gun (it eats through the ammo, and always leaves me wanting more XD) and it hasn't failed once in any way. I purposely bought many different types and boxes of ammo from many different store to try with it, and so far, it has loved everything I have fed it, from hollow point to ball ammo to re manufactured to steel case to brass. Every time I shoot this gun has been a blast, cleaning it is exceptionally easy and satisfying, and all the parts and internals inside are tightly fitted yet smooth move smoothly under manipulation. Every part of this gun is metal except for the grips. It feels like a gun from another era in a way; perhaps due to its solid steel frame, and also due to its design and history. Yet at the same time, it operates and fires like a brand new, absolutely modern, absolutely reliable, battle tested, but relevant and modern pistol design. The coating on this gun so far has held up really well, though I haven't really abused it or banged it into anything, and I haven't had the chance to do anything beyond gun-range shooting with it yet...I'm excited to see how it holds up to the future wear and tear of tactical training and outdoor practice. Pretty much the only negative I've heard about this gun's past models were that the coating could wear off fairly easily. This gun's coating feels extremely quality, and IWI looks to have done an excellent job with the fit and finish of this gun. It really is beautiful in a subtle and functional way, and the finish is no exception to this. If the finish does eventually begin to wear with every day use despite how quality and protective it appears to be, (as pretty much all finishes do),I'm not too worried about it; after all, the coating is the easiest part of the gun to fix, with a nice new Cerakote finish for example. The trigger of this gun is very much to my taste and I love it. If you love double/ single action guns, this gun's trigger will definitely appeal to you. It has an exceptionally crisp break; you know exactly when it is going to fire, and it feels very satisfying both in double and single action. The double action pull of this full steel variety is listed in the IWI Operators Handbook as being 12.5 pounds (very heavy, but not difficult to pull by any means, especially when you are used to it) while the single action pull is an extremely crisp and light 3-4 pounds. I didn't want an overly light trigger for this gun, as it is my main concealed carry and home defense gun, but the single action provides such a light yet positive trigger pull that it is very easy to be accurate with it, and also very easy to shoot quickly. As for the recoil, with the full steel frame and the solidity of this gun, not to mention how well it handles recoil, it is a joy to shoot and extremely easy. Good thing 9mm is so exceptionally cheap and easy to come by these days, because its easy to shoot a lot of 9mm through the Jericho, which is a really good thing. I definitely wanted a gun that would be a joy to train with, and I got exactly what I wanted. As for erganomics, it feels great in the hand. Interestingly, the Steel Frame Jericho has a smooth grip with no finger grooves, while the polymer framed one does. I have held both before, and like the feel of both guns in the hand. The steel framed Jericho has such managable recoil and fits my hand and snugly, that I found I didn't need more aggressive grip textures than what it had, which was quite minimal texturing on the front and back of the grips and also mild texturing on the polymer grips. Some people may wish to add a sandpaper or rougher grip on top of this, but I was certainly happy with the feel and was able to shoot accurately without it moving around in my hand, even after a couple hours straight of straight shooting that made the barrel and steel frame quite hot! None of the heat migrated to the metal trigger to make it uncomfortable to shoot. The gun is quite heavy, and has a definitely authoriative weight in the hand. I know myself, and from all my previous guns and preferences, I know I like heavy guns that are solid metal as a personal preference. Despite this, I was leaning back and forth between the polymer version and the full steel version of this gun for a while, and I'm glad I chose the full steel, but I don't think I'd be disappointed if I'd chosen the polymer either, from the polymer versions of this gun that I've handled. I think the aspect of which one is right for you would really have to come down to personal preference; I will say that this gun's weight feels over exaggerated to me. Having fired quite a few full steel Kimber 1911s and other "heavy" pistols, the full steel Jericho feels quite similar. I AM very glad that I got this shorter version, the subcompact, over the Full-length. Having mostly handled and see full length Jericho's, I worried that this one would be too small and awkwardly snub nosed, but cared more about the function and doubted it would affect the accuracy much at all. Even as a sub-compact, this gun is the size of most "Full Sized" Carry guns that I've compared it to, and similar in size to many Glocks in terms of length and height. If I had gone with the full-size, it would be even larger and heavier, and this is honestly the perfect size for my purposes. Everything about this gun that I've encountered have been no less than excellent. I am so delighted that IWI (formerly IMI, the original makers of the Jericho 941) are once more the ones importing them from Israel into the US in a new, modern form! It is a truly fantastic gun, and from what I've seen of the inside factory tours at IWI Israel and IWI USA, they take a lot of pride in their work and do a great job. I can't wait to put even more bullets through this gun, and see more of what it is capable of! If all of the things I was looking for in a pistol also appeal to you, I highly recommend it. Now for the part of the review about Bud's Gun Shop! This was my first time buying a gun from Bud's, and I had a great experience. I was able to find a certified FFL dealer that works with Buds close to my house and have it sent there for pickup, and it was sent very quickly and in perfect condition with nothing missing from the box and with the box itself in great shape. I did get the shipping insurance from Buds, as it felt smart to do for a large purchase, but happily I didn't end up needing it! I also found that Buds was LITERALLY the only place I could find online that carried this version of the Jericho in stock; namely, Full Steel, Sub Compact 9mm. I couldn't find it anywhere else. It is still currently sold out (I bought this gun right after Christmas, to give a reference, and at this point it is late January) and I still haven't found this version of the Jericho new from anywhere else. Also, the price offered for it on Buds for the full steel version was not only better than I was finding it anywhere else, it was cheaper than the Polymer frame version on other online retailers and in my local gun shops. It was lower than the MSRP and very reasonable for a pistol of this quality. I will definitely do business with Bud's again and recommend this gun and this online retailer to others. See you later, Space Cowboy.

Opirite B on 12/16/2018
Rating:   5 of 5 Stars!

Wow! A big difference from shooting with previous popular brands. I'm not a fan of polymer guns, recoil tends to flip the slide too much. The Jericho just sits in your hand, solid round after round with minimal movement. Shot 100 rounds of steel case Remington without any issues, then some Underwood Extreme Defender +P+ and the Jericho felt the same in recoil no matter what. Crazy accurate. Beats out any of the previous guns I've owned. Great at stacking shots on top of each other. After the range day, my hands weren't tired, unlike my use with polymer guns. Will definitely buy more. For the price I wouldn't consider anything else about $400. I wish it had a decocker but it's easy to do manually. Be careful!!!! Thankfully the Jericho has a hammer safely, so once the trigger is released, the hammer can safely fall forward halfway in DA mode. It's a heavy firearm and I recommend only to carry this with a steel core belt like a 5.11 and a good holster. I found a very good holster maker, Bare Arms Holster, they sell here on Buds but the Jericho holster is only available on their website. Hopefully Buds will consider selling them on here.

Andres O on 12/16/2018
Rating:   4 of 5 Stars!

Love this gun, great shooter, excellent trigger, very accurate, and visually pleasing. There is alot to like about this gun. I only have 1 complaint; the slide is tiny, it's about the size of my index finger, good thing the slide serrations are aggressive and with practice I got used to the small slide. One thing to note however I fired it twice for the first time and I had a failure to extract. Could have been the type of ammo I was using (federal 115gr ballpoint) however it only happened once and hasnt happened since (350 rounds through it so far) Again great gun all around I couldn't be happier with the purchase with my one and only complaint that the slide is small but once you get used to it, its increadly smooth to rack. See you, space cowboy.

Questions & Answers

    • Answered
    Hi Adam and welcome. It is Safety function only. The Jericho features a frame mounted safety enabling "condition one" cocked and locked carry and single action function or hammer down double action function. Cheers and stay safe!
    • Answered
    Hi James and welcome. No Sir, the frame mounted safety is left side only and not reversible. Cheers, stay safe and enjoy!
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    • Answered
    Joseph, this is the " Steel framed" Version Pistol. (Specifications and Features): - IWI Jericho 941 FS Mid-Size J941FS9 - Semi Automatic Pistol - 9mm Luger, 9x19mm - 3.8" Cold Hammer Forged CrMOV Barrel - 1:10 RH Twist Rate - 16 Round Magazine - Adjustable Sights - Steel Frame - Short Recoil Operating System - Integrated Picatinny Rail - Firing Pin Block - Loaded Chamber Indicator - Frame Mounted Safety - Overall Length 7.6" - Overall Weight 2.25 lbs - Black.

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