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   26 Reviews| 1 Questions & Answers
Model: 500068
Condition: Factory New
Bud's Item Number: 712010107
UPC: 752334195005


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 This conversion includes the complete upper and one 28 round magazine.  It is compatible with any Mil-Spec AR lower!

Caliber: .22 LR - Capacity: 28rd - Barrel: 16 - Don't let the ever increasing cost of ammunition prevent you from enjoying your favorite AR-15 / M-16. Chiappa Firearms .22 conversion allows you the opportunity to shoot inexpensive 22 rimfire ammunition for training or just for fun! The M4-22 Rimfire Conversion contains all the parts necessary to change your AR-15 / M-16 from it's existing caliber to the inexpensive .22LR rimfire cartridge.The conversion takes less than a minute and is achieved with no permanent alterations to your firearm. It can be quickly returned to it's original caliber. - The M4-22 Conversion allows semi-auto .22LR fire in ANY mil-spec AR firearm platform. This is a complete upper with a barrel designed specifically for .22 LR ammunition don't risk damaging your centerfire 5.56 barrel with lead bullets or settle for poor performance due to a fast twist rate.  The design allows for the use of any Atchinson style conversion magazines to be used.

Product Reviews

26 Reviews. 4 of 5 Stars!

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Reviewed By: on 10/24/2020
Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!

Fun dedicated upper, easy to switch out with my 5.56 upper. Allows for trigger time at 1/10th the cost.

Reviewed By: on 08/13/2018
Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!

Arrived VERY quickly. My version was made in Italy. Came with two 28rd magazines. Nice feature on Chiappa mags is their built-in thumb tab to help depress the spring. Every little bit helps!! Overall the barrel & bolt carrier were pretty clean but I did field strip, clean & oil. I have used this on three AR-15's. A full size Olympic Arms A2, An Olympic Arms M4 and a mid price Palmetto State Armory. I've seen mixed reviews on these uppers but this one functioned flawlessly on all three lowers. I shot it on three different trips to the range. (with a cleaning between trips) I used CCI Stinger 32 grain 1640 fps and Aguila 30 grain 1700 fps. I paid 5.99 for 50 CCI and 3.79 for 50 Aguila. ZERO FTL's FTF or FTE with either ammo expending around 200-300 total rounds each time out. I'm older so I put a carry handle on it with a direct mount 4x Leapers with bullet drop compensator. My local range goes out to 85 yards max. With my eyes and whatnot, I can ring a three inch gong with most every round in the mag! If you've got more than one lower, you should consider one of these. The ONLY drawback...Buds used to offer these for $168.00 but mine is worth the $238.00
Reviewed By: on 04/16/2017
Rating:     1 of 5 Stars!

I finally had a chance to take this prized possession to the range. The bolt failed to extract the first round that I fired. The FIRST bullet! Sadly, there is no other way to describe this product than by calling it what it is: a Piece of Overpriced Junk. I would love to give it the benefit of the doubt; however, there is no doubt that if I had needed to rely on this weapon for personal safety, I would have been dead. Several gunsmiths, armorers and Special Forces Weapons Experts were all incredous. 2 of whom were on the range with me and thought I was trying to pull a fast one on them. Don't walk away from this item, run.
Reviewed By: on 11/05/2015
Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!

Was impressed with unit and I have seen many 22 223 conversion units but this is the complete upper ,did have the customer bring it back but was only a small adjustment with the "RECEIVER PIVOT PIN" Colt rifle has the large pin and Chiappa uses small 1/4" I did not keep them in stock but instead used a stainless bolt and aircraft nut worked great but now keeping small pins in stock COLT - RECEIVER PIVOT PIN, .250", SCREW TYPE 160-308-121WB Brownells so if you get this spend another $7.00 for the small pin.
Reviewed By: on 10/28/2015
Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!

So far this upper works just fine for me no issues! I have tried this on a DPMS , PSA, and CMMG lower and it worked fine on all three! I'm very happy I picked this up!
Reviewed By: on 09/01/2015
Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!

This is a great addition to my AR, and the price is unbeatable. It allows me and the whole family to plink and still get to use the upgrades to my lower.
Reviewed By: on 08/26/2015
Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!

Bought these uppers on sale for a cheaper price than 2 conversion kits for an AR. Now myself and a friend have a dedicated upper with 2 magazines with no messing with converting. An added benefit is we both have a barrel made for .22LR rather than the .224 5.56 so the bullet engages the barrel rather than bouncing down a very slightly large diameter bore. Bud's shipping is always fast, and I continue to buy from Bud's.
Reviewed By: on 07/25/2015
Rating:     3 of 5 Stars!

This works fine, but is a piece of junk. Mine arrived in horrible shape. Pitted bolt with punch marks on it, corrosion on barrel and front sight, absolutely filthy. Looked like a "second' that had been stuck away in the back of a humid warehouse and then they decided to sell it. Receiver is plastic and I suspect it will wear out after a couple of thousand rounds. If it had shipped to an FFL rather than my house, I would have rejected it. Started to make a warranty claim, but cleaned it up and decided to shoot it. Works great and reasonably accurate. It cycles every type of normal ammo I have and will cycle CCI quiet ammo about 3/4 of the time. So, decided I bought a $140 toy gun and will live with it. .Three stars because it works well, but still won't advise anyone to buy.
Reviewed By: on 07/04/2015
Rating:     4 of 5 Stars!

Not bad at all... In fact, better than "not bad" for the price. I mated it to my Adams Arms lower had it zeroed in 12 rounds (spare Magpul MOE rear sight with the provided front sight. I then mounted and inexpensive holo-sight I had picked up and zeroed that in another 6 rounds. My girlfriend then fired 4 mags through it without an issue. I recently purchased a poly lower that I haven't tried with it yet. I plan to make them a permanent pair. All in all, I've got a $330 .22 AR with a that, so far, has fired without a flaw and prints a 1 inch group at 50 meters; probably more due to skill and sight limitations than the product. Very good buy.
Reviewed By: on 06/05/2015
Rating:     4 of 5 Stars!

This upper doesn't come across as high quality but it looks good enough. The important thing is it hasn't been picky at all. I've only run a few hundred round through it on two trips out to shoot but I haven't had one failure.
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