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   18 Reviews| 3 Questions & Answers
Model: 500136
Condition: Factory New
Bud's Item Number: 719002479
UPC: 8053670713857


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  •  FAMILY:M1 Carbine Series
  •  MODEL:M1-9 Carbine
  •  TYPE:Rifle
  •  ACTION:Semi-Auto
  •  FINISH:Blued
  •  STOCK/FRAME:Wood Stock
  •  STOCK/GRIPS:Walnut
  •  CAPACITY:10+1
  •  # OF MAGS:2
  •  MAGAZINE DESC:10 rd.
  •  BARREL:19"
  •  SIGHTS:Adjustable Rear
  •  ADDL INFO:Accepts Beretta 92 Style Mags
Product Information
Metal Finish Blued
Action Semi-Automatic
Caliber 9 mm
Barrel Length 19"
Capacity 10 + 1
Stock Walnut

Product Reviews

18 Reviews. 4.6 of 5 Stars!

5 Stars:
67% (12 of 18)
4 Stars:
23% (4 of 18)
3 Stars:
11% (2 of 18)
2 Stars:
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1 Stars:
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Reviewed By: on 02/05/2020
Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!

This little M-1, 9 carbine is fun to shoot, and 9mm is affordable. Ran 100 rounds of Blazer brass through it and had no issue at all. Some of the video's show folks shooting cheap ammo, and that's not the guns fault for not cycling. The only negative I have, is the plastic parts, but hey, they keep the price down that way. Thanks Buds.
Reviewed By: on 01/28/2020
Rating:     3 of 5 Stars!

A missed opportunity. Would NOT recommend but personally still enjoying it.

Shot 300 rounds of CCI Blazer 147grains.

0 feeding malfunctions.

Rear sight came loose

Front sight came loose

On one hand its a M1 Carbine replica in cheap 9x19 ammo.

On the other hand its a low quality, badly designed range toy.

If you like changing spark-plugs, tuning carburetors, working on watches or fixing old school electronics, you might be able to put-up with some of the silliness of this rifle's designs.


Looks good.

Quality magazines, 2 included

Accurate (see cons)

Fun to shoot

Cheaper than real M1 Carbine

Lighter than Ruger PC Carbine

Cheap ammo that is interchangeable with my other guns, and I don't have a specific, one gun caliber to buy. This is probably the biggest "Good" for this rifle.


Plastic parts (annoying)

Included magazines hold only 10 rounds..

Have to be creative to clean it. Since there is no bolt hold open feature I saw two options.

1. If I remove action from the stock, reinstall the magazine catch and pop in magazine, it can hold the bolt back. Works but obtrusive, hard to clean the bolt face with the magazine in there.

2. Use a hand clamp from Walmart and clamp the charging handle to the back of the receiver to hold the bolt open. Works like a charm, but absolutely ridiculous to even be doing something like this to clean a gun.

Bolt is held on the empty magazine by the magazine's plastic follower. Removing the magazine, slams the bolt forward and it catches the follower, scratching the top. I don't know how long the plastic will hold until there is a sizable groove that might start affect the feeding.

Front sight is held by a roll pin. Roll pin is working itself loose and the front sight is wiggling now, after 300 rounds. Will use this opportunity and pull it out, to take off the front sight.

Will file the front post to make it a bit more narrow for a bit more precise shooting.

Will cut off the plastic bayonet lug, might even replace the front retention ring with a metal one from M1.

Rear sight completely came loose at 150 - 200 rounds mark. It has a tiny retention screw, that came undone and allowed sight to wobble in its dovetail groove.

I used locktite on the retention screw, it held through the rest of 100-150 rounds. Don't know how much longer it will hold.

The rear aperture is adjusted for the elevation on a ramp with a detent holes set at certain intervals. The detent spring is very weak, and the aperture did not hold its position at the highest mark. Would slide down to the next detent hole after the first shot from the recoil. I had to disassemble the rear sight and stretch out the detent spring a bit to make it press a bit harder. Will see if that helped, but it does click a lot more positively into those detent holes. It was a B*TCH to get that tiny detent ball back, and there are TWO of them on that rear sight.

Wood dents and scratches EXTREMELY easily. Had a bit of scratch in the finish from the factory already.


If you want a 9mm carbine, get a Ruger PC 9.

If you want a M1 Carbine, get an M1 Carbine.

If you absolutely want the look of M1 Carbine, but want to save up on ammo, and willing to put up with and work through the quirks of this rifle this might be something to look at. If the rifle holds up well, it will be worth it in a few thousands of rounds. If it keeps coming loose and undone, then no. 30 carbine caliber is not THAT much more expensive.

Reviewed By: on 01/27/2020
Rating:     4 of 5 Stars!

Very Nice Rifle, no function issues and shoots very well. I would like to see metal used for the trigger guard and bayonet lug, but overall very good for the price.

Reviewed By: on 09/20/2019
Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!

was very pleased with item, my friends hate me now! LOL. love it!! thanks, James
Reviewed By: on 05/09/2019
Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!

O.K. let me start buy saying mine was somewhat of an impulse buy because of the price and look of the gun, at first I had i small amount of buyers remorse because of my impulsiveness, however after owning the rifle for a few months (close to 1000 rounds) I love it!! True it is not even close to being an U.S. issue M-1 carbine other than looks, it is completely different in operation and design, but that is like comparing a tangerine to an orange, however this little gun is a hoot to shoot, I personally have never had a malfunction with mine and it works perfectly with Beretta mags, plus 9mm is not to expensive to shoot, that being said, yes it is a pain to do a complete break down for cleaning, and I am not crazy about the polymer parts, also the factory rear sights suck (I put a Bushnell red dot on mine with an adapter for the dovetail) and it does not have a action hold open option . So in conclusion, would I want it for a battle rifle? ...NO! (unless it was the only thing I had) Would I hunt with it? Perhaps depending on the game. Would I use it for self defense? Absolutely! How about just for plinking and fun? You bet! Would I recommend buying this gun vs. another type of 9mm carbine? Well I am not sure, but I LOVE mine! I hope You have as good of luck as I have had and enjoy Yours!
Reviewed By: on 11/06/2018
Rating:     4 of 5 Stars!

I recieved this today. 1st thing i noticed was how quickly the wood scratched. NOW. Everything i read, said this rifle didnt have a last round hold open. BUT. when i inserted the empty magazine, and pulled the bolt open, the empty magazine kept the bolt open, and wouldnt allow me to close the bolt until i removed the mag. Now all i have to do is find an old version of the bolt handle, with the manual push button hold open, and i will be all set.
Reviewed By: on 10/12/2018
Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!

Was on the fench bout this rifle but I'm glad I bought it. I have many weapons in 9mm so it made sense to me. I have put well over 500 rounds thru this weapon with only 2 ftf and that was when it was still new...using a red dot on it.. Great up to 50-75 yards..
Reviewed By: on 07/30/2018
Rating:     4 of 5 Stars!

I would recommend the CHIAPPA M1 9mm for those that want a fun firearm that shoots inexpensive pistol rounds. Sure I would like to own a 30 cal but at ~$1.00 a round it makes it impractical to go shoot 2, 3, 4 hundred rounds or more outright. With this carbine you can. It is lightweight, feels great in your hands, smooth action and shoots pretty darn straight. I have only shot about 300 rounds out of it so far at steel only. I have not brought out the paper scoring targets yet to measure grouping. Shooting haphazard, 300 yards down range at a metal sign post, I hit it 4 out of 10 shots, Ding! I am not thrilled about the plastic or polymer bayonet lug, which is not designed for the M4 bayonet (for looks only) but I do have plans to buy a MilSpec surplus barrel band w/bayonet lug and hope it fits. IDK if it will but worth a $30.00 try. The carbine comes with two mags, that when last round leaves, the bolt does stay open. It does not remain open with my OEM Beretta 9mm mags nor does it mechanically lock back. I can live with it and so far happy. One problem so far is the rear sight came loose and I had to cinch the set screw back down with an Allen wrench. If it comes loose again this could be an issue to watch out for as the sight could come completely off and in the weeds. Would recommend a pilot hole drilled for the set screw to go down into rather than flat contact on the metal mating surface. BTW Buds Gunshop has the best price I could find on-line or local.
Reviewed By: on 04/06/2018
Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!

This is a great shooting firearm. Great classic look with wooden stock. First time out to the range, I ran fifty each of 115, 124 and 147 grain ammo. No issues at all using the stock magazines that came with the carbine. Apparently, the issues pointed out in old reviews have been resolved by Chiappa. I would recommend this to anyone who asks.
Reviewed By: on 04/05/2018
Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!

I just bought one of these recently from Bud’s. What a great little gun!! Looks and feels very much like the real .30 Carbine version. And Really fun to shoot!!! WOW!!! Mine also functioned perfectly right out of the box with three different types of Factory 115gr FMJ 9mm Ammo. No malfunctions of any sort. Nice wood and decent fit and finish. And the few plastic parts don’t bother me. That’s how they can keep the price reasonable. Also the sights and the accuracy are Very good. Good groups at 25 and 50 yards Off hand and from the bench. I even hit a 12” round steel plate at 200 yards a couple of times out of 5 shots. (Probably mostly luck....). And for the fact that the bolt will not hold open without a magazine in place, I found that a Regular Bic Pen Plastic Cap fits in the Opening in Front of the Operating Rod very nicely when the Bolt is pulled all the way back. It stays open for cleaning that way. Not ideal, but it works. Anyway, this is an Overall Great Gun in my opinion and I have been shooting for about 40 yrs now. I Really like it and give it a 4.75 out of Five Stars....
Questions & Answers
    • Answered
    David, no, the "Bayonet Lug" (which is a Military feature) excludes this rifle from compliance in of the NY Safe Act.
    See 3 more answers |
    • Answered
    It has a "Hardwood Stock" Robert. (Specifications and Features): - 9mm Luger - Blowback operated semi automatic - 18" barrel - 10 rounds capacity - Accepts Beretta 92 magazines - Adjustable rear sight (removable for optics installation) - Hardwood stock - Overall length 35" - Matte blued.
    See 2 more answers |
    • Answered
    Yes, Magazines are available Ben. The Chiappa M1-9 uses Beretta M9/92FS magazines. -------- -------- (No current Drums)
    See 2 more answers |
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