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Reviewed By: on 01/05/2020
Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!

This is my EDC. I have shot a lot of rounds through the gun and have had no issues. I'm not terribly accurate with the gun, but that could be my shooting and not the gun's fault. I like the ergonomics a lot, no sharp corners and so thin so that even under a t-shirt its not noticeable. Easy to disassemble and clean too. I chose the .380 because I have small hands, thin wrists, and the recoil is very manageable. These are like the days of Noah, when violence filled the earth. We have a right and duty to protect our loved ones, ourselves, and the people around us when we are in public, church, or shopping. Believe the Gospel. Pray every day for your family, and for our country. God is real, and Jesus is coming back to rule the earth.
Reviewed By: on 11/28/2018
Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!

just want to say thanks buds guns ,,did my 10 day wait ,, picked my gun up today went and ran 50 rounds of blazer brass through it ..not one issue .. Ruger LC380CA .and if some dumb a//ss tells you a 380 is under powered ,,then they don,t know guns ..awsome deal buds thanks ..
Reviewed By: on 06/04/2018
Rating:     4 of 5 Stars!

This gun is very nice and I do like it but it did not come with a case or an extra mag. For the price of 400 dollars.
Reviewed By: on 10/20/2017
Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!

Nice gun, Feeds all the ammo I have fed it. And with long trigger pull and manual safety I feel OK with a round in chamber while in pocket. I live and work in the Northern California Mtns. and carry this or a LC9 every day for protection from Mt. Lions, Pot growers Pit bulls, or worse.
Reviewed By: on 09/11/2016
Rating:     1 of 5 Stars!

Buds did a great job on their end, however I had trouble with this pistol. The 380 was not initially designed for this weapon frame, and you can tell by the magazine which has a metal strip that makes the inside of the magazine shorter to fit the 380 instead of the 9mm. I don't know if this is the only reason I had trouble, but using FMJ ammunition with this firearm resulted in many, very frequent failures to feed and failures to eject. After researching this further I talked to a gunsmith who had issues with these pistols and knew how to buff them out to operate smoothly, though I never took him up on the offer and instead opted to sell it. I noticed that it cycled hollow point rounds better than FMJ, but still I would have enough issues that it couldn't be used for CCW. If I was going to get this sized frame I would go for the 9mm, and if I was to go for the 380 again I would go for the smaller framed ruger 380.

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