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Reviewed By: on 06/29/2018
Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!

First of all great transaction with Buds. They shipped it to my FFL in no time and the gun was in great shape. I bought this pistol to be my EDC. I am no gun expert but I will give my opinion on the Q1S. Upon opening the box I was very pleased with just the look of the Q1S. The ergonomics of the pistol are fantastic. I can't say enough about the trigger. My EDC pistol before this was the Springfield SA-XD subcompact. A good gun and it is really what I am comparing this gun too. The Q1S has a much better trigger in my opinion. On my Springfield, I have a tendency to snatch the trigger and shoot slightly to the right. Nothing major, just a little to the right. The trigger on the Q1S is a lot better and I don't seem to have that problem and I believe it is due to the better trigger. I believe the recoil is a little less due to the rotating barrel and the bore axis being slightly lower, nothing major but I did notice a little less recoil, not that 9mm has much recoil anyway. The magazine release does seem a bit stiff on the Q1S but that might change with use. I am getting used to it. Takedown is a lot easier on the Springfield compared to the Q1S. Not that it is hard but it does take some getting used to. The Q1S is also bigger than my SA-XD subcompact, not a lot and it won't matter much to me. I am 6'4" tall so I can conceal a pretty big gun. Also, a nice thing about Grand Power is the magazines are interchangeable. So you can get the 10 round, 12 round (which the Grand Power Q1S comes with 2 of those), 15 round, 20 round, and 26 round magazines. Then if you get a different Grand Power Pistol in the same caliber, of course, you can use all of the same magazines. Eventually, I would like to get an Xcaliber or the K100 X-Trim.

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