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Reviewed By: on 03/25/2017
Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!

I still own and use this Revolver in Hunting season. A Great Field gun,fun to shoot even at 40 yards it will drop Jack Rabbits fast at a stand still. I shot and Killed a Coyote at 45 yards, while the Female was at 1/4 stance,into my stand into her chest with a Fed 40 grain JHP. You can laser bore ( 4"barrel or longer)this baby before firing paper with the adjustable;e rear sight.
Reviewed By: on 05/18/2012
Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!

Hey Guys, I just pick this Model 991 for $273.00 4/2012 I only found one problem when I got the gun home. I was cleaning the cosmoline grease off the gun and the front sight had a red strip that came off in the cleaning. Not a biggie took a little white fishing paint and fix the problem. Now it has white front sight. I like it better then the red! I didn’t like the grips that came with it, so I changed them to the Hogue grips. Much better! Took it to the desert and shot a box of Winchesters and Hornaday V Max through it and worked prefect. Nice shooting gun for a 22!! LoL But it a great gun to take fishing or out in the desert. I did recommend this gun to some friends hope they got in on the good deal! Thanks Bud’s Terry in Az
Reviewed By: on 05/04/2012
Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!

I bought the Taurus 991 from Buds and it was shipped quickly. I took the gun to the range to sight it in and after a few adjustments, had it shooting very tight groups. This is a solid revolver with good heft and smooth trigger when shooting hammer back. I am very pleased with its performance. The only flaw is a thin line of missing bluing on the top left edge of the barrel. Someday I will put some cold blue on it. Bud's price drop to $273 made this a no-brainer. It pays to keep an eye on this website often!
Reviewed By: on 03/29/2012
Rating:     3 of 5 Stars!

I ordered on February 28th, and my pistol shipped 6 days after my order, I received an email indicating that this was due to an unprecedented order backlog. Otherwise, the transaction was painless and there were no problems upon receipt. While I'm sure it's obvious if you read the description, be aware that the picture is of the 6.5" stainless model, while the pistol is 4" blued. The finish is acceptable, but not spectacular. The rubber grips are usable, but not optimal. I will likely replace them with Hogue or finger grips. The revolver is a little over two pounds, and well-balanced. It has a solid, balanced feel. With a good set of grips, I suspect it would feel like part of your hand. Unfortunately, those are the last positive things I can say about it. I took it to the range with 10 differnt types of ammunition, ranging from the Winchester 28g to the Federal Game-Shok 50g. I had difficulty getting 100 rounds through it. I probably experienced four or five cylinder lockups, the last so severe that a gunsmith had to spend 15 minutes with a rubber hammer getting it open again. I found bits of the tin jacketing from a Winchester 28g round stuck in the frame, so for now, I'm willing to call this an ammunition issue. I will clean and lube it thoroughly and try again. I gave it a Neutral rating until I test again, but for now I would recommend buying something else.

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