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Customer Reviews for Federal Gold Medal .308 Winchester Sierra MatchKing BTHP 175gr 20rd box

Federal Gold Medal .308 Winchester  Sierra MatchKing BTHP 175gr  20rd box Buy Now

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Jonathan M on 05/15/2022
Rating:   5 of 5 Stars!

Good heavy 308 round, plenty of knockdown for big mule deer and elk.
Billy B on 02/05/2021
Rating:   5 of 5 Stars!

As a police sniper, Federal GMM 168 GR BTHP rounds have been my go-to bullets since the early 90s. (I'm retired now, but still train.) Thanks to the current perfect storm of events that has made ammo hard to get, I wasn't able to find the 168 GR rounds, so I settled for the 175 GR rounds. These rounds are every bit as accurate as the 168s. In my view, Federal's GMM is the Gold Standard for MATCH ammo, and if you want the most accurate factory ammo available, get these or the 168s. I also have to say that Buds has been a life saver for those of us who shoot more than we eat. While I grab up ammo wherever I can find it lately, my guns would be starving if it wouldn't be for Buds and the hard work they're doing to keep them fed. Hats off to all of their workers!
William N on 01/26/2021
Rating:   5 of 5 Stars!

I swear by Federal cartridges. My Remington 700 was born eating these cartridges. The repeatability and consistent accuracy is all I want out of a cartridge - this is what I get from these Federal's. Minor one click one way or the other (unless I'm shooting in a hurricane!) is generally the most I have to apply and I hit groupings that hit the hole that's already there! These Federal's are a winner for me and they should good for you too ! Good shooting - keep laying them down and easy !
Chirs C on 07/29/2018
Rating:   5 of 5 Stars!

Works great for me keeps tight groups on paper for my skill level

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