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Team Buds

Earn membership benefits by joining Team Buds. Benefits include exclusive savings on Select Firearms, Ammo, and Accessories, advanced access to hard-to-get items via Team Buds Only Offerings, a Team Buds Members-Only customer service hotline, and more!

Qualified Professionals Discounts

Many major manufacturers offer discounts to an extensive list of individuals they consider Qualified Professionals. Although commonly referred to as Law Enforcement, LE, or Veterans Discounts, these discounts are also available to many other types of Qualified Professionals. Browse Qualified Professional discounted items now!

Price Match

Buds Gun Shop has many items available for price matching. Check out the current guns, ammo, and accessories available for price match now!

Clearance Items

Buds Gun Shop has a huge selection of clearance items available. Don't miss out on these huge savings!

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Manufacturer's Rebates

Visit our Manufacturer's Rebates for up-to-date offers from your favorite brands.

Community Q&A WInners

Be an active member of the Buds community! Earn extra points by answering questions from your fellow Buds community members. If your answer gets accepted, you'll earn 3 points! Your name will be entered into exclusive Buds community-member gift card drawings! Check out the latest Buds community drawing winners.

3% Cash Discount

We offer a cash-discounted price on many of our items. Please review the list of payment types to see which are eligible for the discount. If you don't completely understand the cash discount, you may proceed through checkout until the last page. On the last page of checkout, you can preview the total and the discount or non-discounted prices. We do not receive your personal information unless you complete your order.


No Fees for the First 30 Days $49 Minimum Purchase Required. Only New Firearms are eligible for this program. For more details on the layaway program.

Recent Price Reductions

Please see our most recent list of items with price reductions.

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