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Sig Sauer 250C-9-B P250 Compact 15+1 9mm 3.9" Reviews


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by wallace m Tuesday 16 October, 2012
We bought a Sig Sauer 250 sub-compact for my girlfriend, (at another dealer) and I fell in love with this gun, smooth and light , everything that you would expect in a Sig Sauer. Because I try to deal with buds ,I bought another Sig Sauer compact 250 from buds. when I first inspected the gun at the ffl dealer I thought that it just needed oil badly because it was real dry and felt dry. After I picked it up I over oiled the gun because it was so dry. I felt this was not normal. I then tried the slide again and it was binding in the rear of the gun and would never load a Bullitt into the chamber unless you let it snap back. still after a few min of sliding the slide back and forth it still will bind. I am sadly disappointed in this gun as I thought it was as good as you could get. I will see what sig can do but I feel that a gun that was inspected at the factory and shipped from another dealer should at least not be dry and someone should have caught the binding slide

Rating:     1 of 5 Stars!
by raul s Wednesday 29 February, 2012
great gun for the price. the trigger is a bit long but not to much of a big deal. i have put 1500 rounds and not one issue, this gun will fire every time. this was my first order with buds. i ordered on Sunday and had it on Friday, super fast. i have since bought a rifle and again same great service.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Rob S Thursday 23 February, 2012
The good: This pistol fits in my hand perfectly. The double action is SMOOTH, and the trigger breaks clean. Ate everything I've fed it (probably about 500-600 rounds through it.) Takedown is Sig easy, and I can reduce this weapon to parts in under a minute. I also like that I can remove the fire control unit (FCU,) which allows for more thorough cleaning. I'm left handed, so I reversed the mag release on the pistol (which was very easy to do.) You can purchase caliber exchange kits for about $300, which is great for those of us in restricted states. The bad: Right now, I shoot this the best at close range of all my pistols, but it took me a while to get used to the sights. The sights are combat, which means I have to lay them directly over the target (as opposed to "pumpkin on a post." Now that I've adjusted to the sights, the pistol is great. Also, the one I received does NOT have night sights. The pistol is a BIT jumpy for a 9mm, but it is polymer, so that's understandable. Only comes with one magazine. Though takedown is "Sig easy," there are some times where I find myself overturning the takedown lever, and I'm not able to get the slide off. I've figured work arounds for this, but it is annoying. The ugly: In my humble opinion, this is a prototype for a modular pistol. As such, there are kinks still to work out. One I mentioned above (the takedown lever,) another, which was worse, was the trigger bar spring popped off when I was cleaning the pistol once. I was easily able to reattach it, but it seems like a shoddy design for a combat pistol meant to be taken all the way down. Overall, though, I give this pistol 5 stars. Why? Mainly because it's very reliable, and with the exception of the FCU, every piece of the gun is easily replaceable / ugradable.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Seth M Saturday 11 February, 2012
Extremely Happy with this pistol. I put 200 rounds through it will no issues what so ever on the first day. Gun is well balanced with a full mag. Its big enough for my big hands but yet small enough that I could carry it easily in the winter since I would have something to conceal it with but would be obvious in the summer months. The trigger pull is long but its something that you can get used to with time on the range. Very happy with the quality. I will buy another SIg for sure.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Randall C Monday 16 January, 2012
This is my first Sig, and is a really great gun for the money. The long trigger pull everyone mentions is true. It breaks at the very end of the pull, but is not too heavy and is very smooth. At least in my opinion, as I am also used to the double action trigger pull of S&W revolvers. I couldn't hit the standard circular targets on the dueling tree at at 25' with the first several magazines, but was dead on by the end of 100 rounds, with ZERO feed or eject malfunctions. Overall the build is very good, and the grips feel great in my hands even though I've carried a Glock 21 on duty for years. Since I like the bigger .45ACP I've also ordered the full size conversion kit, and am looking forward to switching out the trigger assembly between the two. One for CCW, the other for the range/duty. Verdict: 4 out of 5 stars because of the initial trigger pull learning curve, and the fact that it only comes with (1) magazine. Still, highly recommended.

Rating:     4 of 5 Stars!
by Walter M Monday 12 December, 2011
Buds was great with the transaction. This is a good gun put 200 rds through it not a single issue with it. Feels good in your hands kick is minor if there is anything I did not like about the gun it would have to be the long trigger pull and I mean LLLLLong!!! trigger pull, but I was able to compensate for it and was shooting good groups so once you get used to the trigger pull the gun is perfectly good and is a pleasure to shoot.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
Displaying 25 to 30 (of 57 reviews) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5 ...   
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