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Taurus 1911-AL 45ACP 8RD ALUM Reviews

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7 Reviews. Average Rating: <span itemprop="ratingValue">4.9 of 5 Stars!</span> [4.9 of 5 Stars!]
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by stephen h Monday 22 December, 2014
I have had this firearm for more than 3 years, and have put more than 7000 rounds thought it with out any complications. The finish on the slide does wear when carried alot but that is to be expected. Over all I love this gun and have no conplaints. I know that this gun will do its job whenever I call it to. Thank you buds for a great deal

Rating: <span itemprop="ratingValue">5 of 5 Stars!</span> [5 of 5 Stars!]
by adel r Saturday 01 October, 2011
I love the gun, it came in very dirty like it's been used, after contacting buds i found out Taurus always ship their guns that way , after a good cleaning i took it to the range and put 150 rounds of Winchester 45ACP FMJ not a single mil-function awesome gun i'll be buying another soon.

Rating: <span itemprop="ratingValue">5 of 5 Stars!</span> [5 of 5 Stars!]
by jarrod h Friday 17 June, 2011
this was my first 1911 model purchase. i had viewed this pistol on bud's probably a hundred times but never got that "got to have it" feeling about it on-line. i dropped into a gander mountain store to kill some time one day and was looking over the stock in their gun displays when something caught my was this pistol. display photo does not do the gun justice. retailer had this model priced for $699 and i would have paid that for the pistol had i not known the price on bud's. very attractive pistol priced well below any other on the market with comparable options. this was my first 1911 but definetly will not be my last. very happy with the pistol and shipping was fast.

Rating: <span itemprop="ratingValue">5 of 5 Stars!</span> [5 of 5 Stars!]
by Daniel M Saturday 02 October, 2010
Fired about 300 rounds of Magtech, Winchester and Federal with no problems whatsoever... This gun performed equally if not better than my friend's Wilson Combat that he got for $2700, the only difference is, of course, the gun finish, that you can't compare, but if you are looking for an very accurate gun (out-of-the-box) that can handle all kinds of ammo, this is it.

Rating: <span itemprop="ratingValue">5 of 5 Stars!</span> [5 of 5 Stars!]
by Bruce S Saturday 20 March, 2010
I have had this pistol for some time now, and have fire many types of ammo from re-loads to premium tactical ammo. I did replace the Taurus magazines almost immediately. I found the Taurus mag's less than desirable. With that said I have experienced NO feed problems, No misfires, NO jambs and no other problems. Other than the magazine issue this is an amazing gun for the price. Don't be afraid of this gun, or for that matter any other Taurus handgun based on a few bad reviews.

Rating: <span itemprop="ratingValue">5 of 5 Stars!</span> [5 of 5 Stars!]
by JOHN B Friday 27 November, 2009
I wrote a review, but it didn't appear, so I'll try again. Perhaps the alloy frame 1911 needs a bit more breaking in; I'm having a bit of trouble with JHP ammunition feeding, extracting and ejecting properly. Fired 100 rounds of FMJ and it was OK; quite difficult to insert the magazines with 8-rounds loaded. Really had to hit the mag bottom quite hard and feeding stripping the first round was not positive; slide did not fully return to battery. The subsequent rounds were the ones that hung on the lip of the feed-ramp, not entering the chamber at all; had to drop the magazine and manually remove the loaded round (185gr Remington Golden Saber BJHP). Like 1911's sometimes do, this gun may need a lot of breaking-in with 'FMJ', yet I do notice a small 'nick' at the bottom of the ramp. I can catch my finger-nail in the 'nick', so a trip to Taurus may yet be required. I'll try running 350 aditional rounds of 'FMJ' and then see how things go. Others have noted the 'finish appearance' as being a bit 'thin' and I must agree, but this is not a big issue. If reliability can be improved, even with a return to Taurus, I plan on having it refinished anyway. The FIT appears very good, especially for a mass produced gun. Many alloy frame guns are produced and well liked; I have no reason to believe this one will be any different. Cost versus others is a great point and the lower price does NOT seem to result from lesser quality. I also bought a steel frame 1911 from Bud's at the same time and it has been PERFECT from round-one. Accuracy of bothe the steel and alloy frame guns is EXCELLENT. I'll get more familiar with these and am confident they will be, "all that they can be", especially in MY hands! If the issues are resolved, I'll bump thie alloy frame to a '5' from a '4' ..... the all steel is already a '5' and can only get better! Overall, I am HAPPY and especially so with all the folks atBUDS who have been VERY understanding of the issue with alloy frame and offered ALL THEIR HELP to resolve the matter. THANKS FOLKS I appreciate your support!

Rating: <span itemprop="ratingValue">4 of 5 Stars!</span> [4 of 5 Stars!]
Displaying 1 to 6 (of 7 reviews) Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>] 
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