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Beretta 3032 Tomcat .32 ACP Matte Black Reviews

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by Howard G Sunday 07 February, 2010
My Tomcat still functioning fine with over 200 rounds through it. No signs of any wear or stress that some on U Tube noted from early 2009. I've had one glitch in 200 rounds. One stovepipe jam which occurred on the last round of a magazine. I must have relaxed my grip and limp wristed that shot because not wanting to finish on a jam-up, i shot another full magzine without incident. At 5 yards, I find this gun to be deadly accurate when taking care in aiming. At 5-7 yards,shooting rapid fire, accuracy does deteriorate somewhat, but still accurate enough to place all shots on a 5 inch target. Some in the center and some at the edges of the target.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Howard G Sunday 20 December, 2009
Shot another 100 rounds and still not one single glitch. I have not seen any evidence of any stress on any parts of the receiver or slide that some people alluded to last year. So, after 200 rounds, I have no complaints and accuracy is fine at 7 yards without requiring an added laser. 2 1/2 to 3 " groupings on a consistant basis with this little gun is pretty decent, especially for a novice like me. I just got a Smith and Wesson 686 Plus , 357 Combat Magnum, specially tuned trigger which shoot 7 rounds. weights 39 ounces. First time out of the box I was shooting 1 1/2 " groups at 7 yards. Magnificent weapon. So, I judge my results with the Beretta 32 ACP as being pretty good by comparison. Cleaning the Beretta is very simple and removing the slide has become much easier as the gun gets used more. My wife, though, is very erratic with her shot placements with the Beretta as her trigger control is pretty awful and any slight pulling throws the bullet trajectory way off target. But she can shoot great with the new S and W 686. So little guns may be great for concealment but if you cannot be somewhat accurate when needed, then it is not a good choice. I'll keep this gun for myself but have a trigger job done on another S and W 357 Magnum , 5 shot revolver, stainless steel, J Frame. With a heavier gun and lighter trigger pull, she seems to have a lot more control and confidence.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Howard G Sunday 08 November, 2009
2nd Test of Tomcat - 50 rounds and just as smooth as first test last month. About 100 rounds fired since purchase and not a glitch of any kind. The ammo from Serbia (Privi) functions perfeftly but leaves a lot of residue. I clean the weapon after each use, and cleaning is particularly easy and fast, and have inspected the frame and slide for any signs of wear, as reported by some users on another site last year, and have found everything to be in perfect order. I moved my target further back from my first test and found my accuracy to diminish significantly. Beyond 10 yards, accuracy, at least for me using this weapon, is not entirely satisfactory. 1/2 the time I would hit the 9 and ten marks and the rest was all over the target. So this is just a point a shoot weapon from no more than 5-7 yards to be entirely accurate. And a laser attachment would be advisable to insure total confidence and accuracy. Of course it is a big expensive to add to such an inexpensive weapon but for someone who is counting on using this for home defense, money should not be an issue. I got this for my wife because she has trouble racking our HK P30 or the Glock 26 or the Ruger 380 LCP. The tip-up barrel on the Tomcat is something she can easily manage. We also have a 357 Smith and Wesson Revolver - Snubbie (60 series) but she likes lighter weight guns. Smith and Wesson makes as 32 Mag unit -351PD model - Revolver, lite-weight under 11 oz, which at some point I might opt for to possibly replace the Tomcat. Nothing wrong with the Tomcat but I really love S and W products and am even thinking of swapping out my snubbie 357 Magnum for the larger 686 Magnum Combat model, 357 magnum - 7 rounds, 4 inch barrel, stainless steel, DA/SA action.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Howard G Sunday 25 October, 2009
First test of Tomcat using Remington 32ACP, 71 Grain and PRVI Partizan 32ACP, FMJ. Went thru 4 magazines of each manufacturer and no hiccups, mild recoil and fairly accurate at 7 yards. Some of my magazine shots had grouping of under 2 inches which I consider excellent considering I've never shot such a small handgun. I understand from other gun board commentaries that a number of people have experienced cracks in the frame and problems with the slide prior to shooting 100 rounds. Some say they only used the recommended ammo and still developed problems. So I'll give another report on my experiences after shooting the next 60 or so rounds. I always clean all my weapons after each trip to the gun range, so problems due to excess dirt and grime build-up should not be an issue. I also shot my main weapons which are an HK P30 - 9MM, a Glock 26 Subcompact- 9MM, and a Smith and Wesson 357 Magnum- 2 1/8 inch barrel. Naturally they handled better than the Tomcat and at 7 yards I can hit groupings right in the bullseye BUT I was pleasantly surprised that I shot almost as well with this Tomcat. Now we have to see if the gun will hold up.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Howard G Thursday 22 October, 2009
Great service and great price. I ordered Wednesday evening (10/14) and it was delivered to my local gun shop 4 business days later. Everything checked out perfectly and it looks like a finely crafted pocket pistol. My ammo just arrived so I'll post a review as soon as I run 100 rounds through it. One important note from the manufacturer regarding use of ammunition. Ammo best suited for this gun ranges between 60 -71 grain all of which should have a muzzle energy of not greater than 130 foot/pound. Higher energy ammunition will increase wear and tear.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Al G Friday 23 January, 2009
We both love this little bullet thrower. I agree that clean ammo is a must. I got mine from a retired PO who said he only fierd 56 rounds through it. So far we've put 250 through it with Winchester (from Wally World), Magtech, American Eagle and Aguilla. Our fav so far is Aguilla 71gr FMJ. Very accurate and very clean and the cheapest of the bunch. Anyone have a suggestion for a carry holster? Highly recommend this for ladies carry or back-up. The flip up- barrel for cleaning is sweet, you have to remember there is no extractor, though. It does let you carry 7 in the mag and 1 in the pipe. Trigger pull seemed shaky at first, especially the DA, but we are getting very used to it with only 250 rounds. I really appreciate the all stainless as opposed to poly guns.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
Displaying 7 to 12 (of 14 reviews) Result Pages:  1  2  3   
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