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by Ryan C Thursday 05 April, 2012
Excellent firearm. Extremely accurate and zero FTF's or FTE's after 500 rounds. Another thing, whoever said the recoil spring was extremely difficult to put back in place is so wrong. The spring goes back very smoothly and easily. Great buy!

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Daniel A Friday 23 March, 2012
I'm going to have to second what Doug said. When I called customer support they told me that they would not be able to determine the extent of the blemish until I received it since they do no open the guns when they receive them. That scared me. I was perfectly fine with mismatched serial numbers. However Dings, and dents would be unacceptable. I received it today, only 7 calendar (not business) days after placing the order, which was totally acceptable for the amount of money I saved, and the availability. My FFL, and I looked the gun over top to bottom, and bottom to top, not a single blemish. Not a ding, not a dent, not even a scratch, NOTHING! i was so happy! the gun definitely had mismatched serial numbers, which I could care less about. It had two 16 round mags, the parts to convert decocker to safety, a bore brush, a patch holder, and a lock. Overall, I took a gamble, and it paid off. If I had to take a guess, based on Doug's review, my experience, and reading between the lines regarding my conversation with customer service, I would say the majority of the P07 "blemished" guns Bud's has in stock are serial number issues, not actual blemishes. Mine said it right on the case, so regardless of what they tell you, they can in fact tell what the defect is without opening the box. They would just have to take a minute to pick up the phone and call the warehouse (I suspect). Anyway, I can't wait to pick up some PDX1's on my way home for EDC, and can't wait to take it to the range this weekend! If you have been looking for a P07 Duty, and CAN wait a week, it's worth it to save $70-100 on this gun (after FFL transfer fee)! BUY IT.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by doug s Tuesday 06 March, 2012
Don't let the Blemished part discourage you from buying this gun. The one I purchased is brand new with mismatched slide to frame serial #s. with barrel# same as slide# . Both frame, slide & barrel #s were recent production #s. so that was good news. This CZ 75 P07 DUTY 9MM came in carry case along with two 16rnd 9mm mags, decocker lever/controllers. Everything was very clean with no dents scratches or dings. This Super light-weight semi-auto is a tight, very well balanced pistol. So far I've fired 350rnds of Federal 115gr FMJ as well as 50rnds of Remington 115 JHP with no FTF or FTE. or any other problems at all. Recoil is surprisingly minimal. The trigger is very comfortable and smooth with a nice return. Though mine came with safety lever control installed I was able to change it to decocker in five minutes. This is one of the most comfortable to hold guns ever. This is one gun that is sure to become one of your favorites if not THE favorite. A short fingered shooter might find the locale of the trigger guard too far forward if they rest on the guard on their other pistols. The slide lock is perfect for a tap from the left thumb after slapping up the mag though using the right hand thumb, one might find it too far forward for comfort. It fits my hand like it was made for it! I don't think other CZ 75b mags are compatible but I've heard some CZ 75 P01 mags are. It's a great compact Conceal carry gun as the angled cut of the top of the slide front seems to make up for any grip width. I chose the CZ 75 P07 DUTY over a Springfield XDM 9MM and I'm glad I did. I'm very satisfied with this gun.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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