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Black Powder Pistols For Sale

Manufacturers: A. Uberti Firearms
Driven by demand for muzzle-loaders for special extended primitive hunting seasons, firearms manufacturers have developed in-line muzzle-loading rifles with designs similar to modern breech-loading centerfire. Browse our selection of break-action, flintlocks, and percussion muzzle-loading rifles and pistols! Whether using it as a hunting rifle, sporting rifle, or just as a past time hobby, we have a rifle or pistol for you! Most of these rifles and pistols can be shipped directly to your home (where state restrictions allow) unless their barrel can be modified into a non-black powder caliber.

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Uberti 1858 New Army .44 Revolver 34100
252.0500OUT OF STOCK
Uberti 1860 Army Brass .44, 8 Barrel
262.8300OUT OF STOCK
Uberti Reproduction 1847 Colt Walker .44 Cal. Black Powder R
299.0900OUT OF STOCK
Uberti 1860 Army Steel .44, 8 Barrel
268.3300OUT OF STOCK
Uberti 1873 Cattleman Black Powder Revolver 44 Caliber 5.5\"
422.0000OUT OF STOCK
Uberti 3rd Model Dragoon .44, 7 1/2 Barrel
333.3300OUT OF STOCK
Uberti Colt 1851 Navy London Steel .36, 7.5\" Barrel, Black P
262.8300OUT OF STOCK
Uberti 1849 Pocket .31, 4 Barrel
242.6400OUT OF STOCK
Uberti 1861 Navy Black Powder Revolver 36 Caliber 7.5\" Barre
268.3300OUT OF STOCK
Uberti 1862 Police .36, 6 1/2 Barrel
382.3300OUT OF STOCK
Uberti 1858 Buffalo Bill Centennial, .44 Black Powder, 8\" Ba
703.3300OUT OF STOCK
Uberti 1851 Navy-Oval TG .36, 7 1/2 Barrel
422.0000OUT OF STOCK
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