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Manufacturers: Linberta, Chamber: 3"

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Linberta SA01LSTAC20 Tactical 4+1 3" 12ga 20"
348.0000OUT OF STOCK
Linberta SA01LCA28 Camo Field 4+1 3" 12ga 28"
402.0000OUT OF STOCK
Linberta PA101TAC Tactical Pump 4+1 3" 12ga 18.5"
298.0000OUT OF STOCK
Linberta SA01LSTACH Tactical Ultra 4+1 3" 12g 20"
361.0000OUT OF STOCK
Linberta PA101 Home Defense 5+1 3" 12ga 18.5"
235.0000OUT OF STOCK
Linberta 01LSTAC Tac Ultra 12g 20" with Full Rail
396.0000OUT OF STOCK
Linberta PA101TAC 12ga TACTICAL PUMP w/ Full Rail and GRS
348.0000OUT OF STOCK
7 total results

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