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Congratulations to all our Weekly Prize Winners! Your participation and contributions are greatly appreciated by not only other Community members, but also all of us here at employees and their families are not eligible to win. Each point gives you one entry into our weekly prize drawings and points will continue to accrue until you win. Prizes are awarded randomly and it is possible for one or more participants to win multiple times.

01/28/2022 Gift Card
Name Lifetime Points State Won
randy i23266NC1
Cecil U1SC1
Campbell H6UT1
James G60772NC1

01/20/2022 Gift Card
Name Lifetime Points State Won
Josh T2690PA2
trevor d2396WI1
William M1NC1
Jeffrey H1CO1

01/14/2022 Gift Card
Name Lifetime Points State Won
Edward C3405NJ3
Trin K1852IL1
Christopher N520WI1

01/07/2022 Gift Card
Name Lifetime Points State Won
James G60772NC2
Matt H3PA1
jacob l1CA1
Michael J3AZ1

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