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Beretta Tomcat California Compliant Stainless/Silver 32 ACP Pistol - Stainless/Silver, 2.4" Barrel, 7+1 Rounds

   3 Reviews
| 2 Questions & Answers
Model: J320500CA
Condition: Factory New
Bud's Item Number: 121519
UPC: 082442924298

Beretta Tomcat California Compliant Stainless/Silver 32 ACP Pistol
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Beretta Tomcat California Compliant Stainless/Silver 32 ACP Pistol
Factory New
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Lawrence L on 10/06/2021
Rating:   5 of 5 Stars!

Great little gun. Compare to Walther PPK only 1" less length and 1/2" shorter for $200 less. DA/SA Smooth shooting, Lighter recoil with about the same ballistics as a .380.. Never have to rack the slide. Takedown in 10 seconds. Mag release cannot be accidentely activated due to its location. Ammo and reloading supplies difficult to find due to Covid 10/21.

Patrick W on 10/05/2021
Rating:   2 of 5 Stars!

I purchased this gun for my wife, both for its small size and unique features. On first inspection the Beretta 3032 Tomcat Inox (stainless steel) looks like a well built, attractive, well-executed small pocket pistol ready for anyone’s handbag or front pants pocket. It looks like a typically high-quality pistol made by Beretta USA Corp in Accokeek, Maryland. Note that this review is coming from a Beretta (among others) fan boy. The obvious intent of this pistol is to make it useful for those shooters who have weak hand and/or arm strengths to rack the gun’s slide to load or unload a round from the gun’s chamber. The 3032 Tomcat has a unique flip-up barrel to allow easy unobstructed access to the gun’s bullet chamber. This should allow one to easily place or remove a round from the chamber without any action of the gun’s magazine or slide, at least that’s the theory. Pop up the barrel, stick in a round, and click it back down and its loaded, with or without the extra rounds provided by the gun’s magazine. Install the magazine, squeeze the double-action trigger, and BANG goes the gun! Now squeeze the single-action trigger, and BANG once more. Or pop up the barrel again and just remove the round from the barrel and the gun’s chamber is easily unloaded. Pop out the magazine and it’s completely unloaded.
In actuality, the pistol completely fails as to its intended purpose. While it feels well balanced and secure in one’s hand despite its small size, this pistol is frankly, one nasty SOB. Here are the problems: the gun is nearly impossible to rack with the hammer down. I can do it once, just barely. Trying it a second time – no joy! I am not Hulk Hogan. My hand/arm strengths were already exhausted enough to rule that out. Thankfully, racking the slide with the hammer cocked was much easier and not all that difficult (I’m a 72-year-old man still with reasonable hand and arm strength and no arthritis). The problem lies with the hammer. It is very difficult to cock just by itself. When combined with the slide’s stiff recoil spring – Houston we have a problem.
OK you say, there are obviously other options per the gun’s design. Just pop up the barrel and insert a round then push it down until it locks, therefore no need to rack the slide. Well, here’s another problem that I found – the flip-up barrel will not lock down easily with the hammer down. It only locks down easily with the hammer cocked! I did find that by working the pop-up lever back and forth while pushing down on the barrel, I could get the barrel to lock down with the hammer down. But really? On the plus side, while the safety is small, it’s easy to click on or off, rendering the gun safe while performing these gymnastics. Ah, now for the trigger – it’s the worst single-action trigger that I own. Its force seems high and its feel is strikingly gritty. When pulled in double-action mode, it’s downright obscene – a very high trigger force (there’s that damn hammer again) and a long, gritty, unpleasant experience. When the hell is the damn gun finally going to fire is your first thought. Adding to the displeasure of dry firing the gun are the sharp edges on the trigger and the trigger guard. They won’t cut your finger but you’re well aware that they’re there. At least some light touches with an emery cloth should take care of these unnecessary issues. I’ve yet to take this little beastie to the range, so I can’t comment on its functioning, recoil or accuracy.
Finally, the gun’s sights are almost non-existent, especially for older folk, so this is most certainly not a target pistol by any means and should be considered only as a weapon of last resort for a close-in bad-guy shooting. Pricewise this is not a cheap pistol by any means, MSRP being $485. Frankly, a small .32 ACP pocket pistol for older folks should be an easy to load, easy to unload, easy to master pistol that’s easy to afford. Despite its The Truth About Guns positive review, I cannot recommend the Beretta 3032 Tomcat to anyone, especially older folk with arthritis or strength issues. I’m hanging on to it now for my own use and I’ll have to find something better for the wife. - maybe a Smith & Wesson M&P 380 Shield EZ?

William S on 02/09/2021
Rating:   5 of 5 Stars!

This lil pocket pistol is PERFECT!!! Can go in coats (zippers preferred) and even Jean pockets. I put a long mailing envelope folded in half between the pistol and the outer pocket to help minimize the outline of the concealed carry. A little pocket holster for it to sit is is needed.
After removing the packing oil, this will shoot Great! I did however get some glow-in-the-dark green paint to enhance the sights, since my vision is not the best up close. AGAIN, a GREAT pocket pistol! Good for little hands, & the women will like it, too.
BUD’s comes through!!!

Questions & Answers

    • Answered
    This is both single and double action. With the gun loaded hammer down your first shot can be double action, since it's semi automatic the slide will pull the hammer back making follow up shots single action. Hope this helps.
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    • Answered
    The SS is fo the "Stainless Steel" slide.
    And yes this model is CA compliant,
    Listed on the approved handgun roster here
    Also the model number is J320500CA the "CA " indicates this is the California compliant version.
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