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  • Model type

    Asked 03/09/2019 09:06 AM CT
    by unnamed user in Hand Gun

    Beretta 92FS Compact 9mm 13+1 4.25 2 Mags Beretta 92FS Compact 9mm 13+1 4.25 2 Mags
  • I just purchased this (on its way) and am seeing a lot of references to a type "L" version. Q: what is an "L" version and is this one of them?

    1 Answer

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  • 03/09/2019 09:21 AM CT
    by James G - Lifetime Points: 41208 Best
  • Charles, The “L” and “M” both refer to design characteristics of the 92 series, but they refer to different aspects. L” = Long (or, if you want to be really correct and use the original Italian, “Lungo”) for “long slide travel”. The shorter, lighter slides on the Compact and Centurion models require longer slide travel to function optimally and to avoid battering the frames, so the frames have slightly different internal dimensions, particularly the rail lengths. ---- Type M = Type Monofilare (Italian for single-file/single-column). The Compacts with single-stack magazines are thus Type M. This is also how we get the somewhat rare “Centurion Type M”, a single-stack “Centurion” that seems to really be just a Compact L Type M with a Centurion-marked slide. (This is not an L model).